Your Alpha My Mate (The Lonestar Chronicles Book 1) by Rachel Ravenheart





I found this book enjoyable, seeing Jamie overcome abusive parents and fellow pack members. To find happiness and acceptance in a new pack, who embrace him as their own. What follows is a pack attack from Jamie?s old pack who want him to return home as they are ashamed of him because they believe he can not shift into his wolf form. But he is hiding the fact that he’s in fact a special white wolf, that is much stronger than a normal wolf. The reason he is hiding his true wolf is because he is constantly being abused and accused of undermining his alpha, and if they saw his white wolf they would cause him even more hurt.

So when he is embraced by his new pack they think it is an honour to have a white wolf as part of their pack.

Overall an enjoyable read, though feels a little fast paced in places, that may be more to do with the book being aimed at the Young adult market.

Worth reading and leaves you with a smile, when he gets his revenge.


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