Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::

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Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::

Book Info

Title: Wrestling With Hope

Series: Wrestling With #4

Author: D.H Starr

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books

Published: 7 October 2019

Keywords : New Adult, Collage, Wrestling, Romance, Relationships, Family, Rejection, Coming Of Age,

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Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::


Forced to move from place to place, never setting down roots, robbed Scott Thayer of any thread of stability during his childhood. No matter how hard he tried, he could never please his distant and judgmental father. If his own father couldn’t love him, who could?

Two years after last setting eyes on the man whose approval he’d never win, he’s found a good life, attending college, become a star on the wrestling team, built a home with his lover Derek, and surrounded himself with people who love him.

An unexpected note from his father, saying, “I want to see you,” turns Scott’s world upside down. Why, after all this time, does the man want back into his life, just when Scott’s wounds have begun to heal? Should he risk his happiness and peace of mind to accept the invitation from someone who’d left him so damaged?

Or will he finally find closure and slam the door on his pain and never look back?


If you have
been following the wrestling with, series, you are going to love this one.

We have
followed Derrick and Scott through some pretty tough times, especially when
Scott’s father tried to come between them, before abandoning Scott and his Mom.  They have also endured a stalkerish fellow
student as well as jealousy.  But each
test they are set, makes them stronger as a couple and as individuals.

The one
thing you find in each book in this series is lots of emotion. Oh boy get ready
for a heart wrenching rollercoaster of a ride.

Scotts Mom
gives him a letter from his Dad the night before Christmas.  This stirs up some real bad emotions that Scott
thought he had put behind him.  He has his
Mom, Derrick the love of his life, Marcus his best friend and team captain and
of course Derricks parents who have pretty much adopted him. 

Until he
got that letter, he thought he had everything he needed. Now he must decide if
he can believe his father has changed and really wants to be part of his
life.  On top of that he must deal with
the blow of his father having Cancer.

emotions are all over the place, anger, frustration, sadness, and Hope, that he
might just be able to save his father and build the relationship he has
constantly dreamed off.

Derrick is
his rock and anchor through all the choppy sea of emotions. Along with the rest
of his friends and family he starts to let down his defenses, knowing he could
lose his father all over again at any moment.

The raw
emotions in this story are so real that I freely admit to having a few tears
both happy and sad tears, whilst reading the book.  I really hope there are more books of these
two guys as their life journeys continues.

Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::



Christmas Eve


Scott Thayer stared at the flickering light of the candles Derek Thompson had lit as it danced off the ceiling and walls. With Derek’s parents downstairs, he should’ve been nervous. Instead, he scooched over on the bed, making room for his greatest love, the person who kept him anchored to earth, to slide behind him and spoon him in strong arms. He couldn’t imagine a happier place to be.


Derek’s breath washed across Scott’s neck and cheek. Heat from Derek’s bare chest soaked into Scott’s back, his own personal blanket. No, life didn’t get better than this.


“Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve?” Derek squeezed Scott from behind, kissing the nape of his neck.


“Mmm-hmm.”A hum was all Scott could manage. If he let himself, he’d fall asleep within a few minutes.


Another kiss to his neck, then Derek slid closer, folding Scott into him in a tangle of arms and legs.


“I was thinking about the school dance and the song you mixed for me.”Scott tempted fate, and the ire of parents who might choose to check in on them at any moment, wriggling his ass against Derek’s groin. Maybe he’d inspire Derek into some private Christmas Eve fun.


“Hey, you know the rules.”Derek blocked the seduction with a firm hand on Scott’s hip. “I was thinking about the dance too. Can you believe we’re already halfway done with sophomore year?”


Scott sighed. Guess fooling around will have to wait. “That song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, was amazing.”The memory of Derek’s tribute to their relationship, the way he’d represented their love in booming, technological form, had Scott’s heart racing…not to mention his cock filling out.


Scott breathed in deeply, attempting to ease the rising emotion swelling in his chest. The song had lit up the room. Students exploded with energy. Smiles and laughter and dancing. Happiness. The message embedded within Derek’s gift, reinforced by every kiss, each touch, the silent times they shared where no words were needed to know they belonged to one another.


“You think we have time to fool around?” Derek shifted his hips, pressing his hard shaft against Scott’s ass.


Scott laughed. “You’re the one who just put the brakes on.”He held his breath, reminding himself he had the power to say no even when every cell in his body screamed yes. “I mean, your mom’s cool, but I don’t know if she’d appreciate walking in on the two of us―ooohhh!” 


Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::

Author’s Bio

D.H. Starr is an educator by day and an author at heart.

Writing erotic romance in any genre and young adult stories as well, he likes to explore the emotions of discovering oneself while also allowing someone else into your heart as well. His style has been called angsty at times, and he takes pride in torturing his poor protagonists, making them work for their happily 

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Wrestling With Hope by D. H. Starr :: Review ::
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