Sues Quickies Review:: Worth The Risk by Kate Hawthorne


Book Info

Title: Worth The Risk

Series: Giving Consent #1

Author: Kate Hawthorne 

Publisher: Self Published

Published:    August 14th 2018

Cover Design:  

Length: 309 Pages

Keywords : bdsm, romance

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At eighteen, Landon Miller was sure about two things–he was a submissive and he was going to be with Gregory Douglas for the rest of his life. That was until parents and school got in the way, and he found himself in New York, thousands of miles from the man who had learned how to take him in hand. Feeling abandoned by the person he’d come to rely on, Landon has no choice but to set his sights on a new and lonely future. 

Years later, behind the bar at Rapture, the BDSM club he’s built on a foundation of disillusioned dreams and broken bricks, Landon finds himself face to face with his favorite memory and greatest regret—Gregory. 

Seeing his first love again is the only inspiration Gregory needs to commit himself to forging his way toward the future he always envisioned…one with Landon yielding and bending to his command. Determined to recapture the magic of their first love, Gregory works to right the wrongs of their past so they can move on together. 

Battling through the resentment from their youth, Landon is unexpectedly called back to New York, and Gregory can’t help but fear the past is repeating itself. Fighting familiar feelings of helplessness, he makes the decision to give Landon what he needs, even if that means not chasing after the man he adores…again. Gregory can only hope when Landon returns, he won’t throw away the love they’ve fought and risked everything for. 

Worth the Risk is the first book in the Giving Consent Series. It is a 78,000 words of kinky, steamy, second-chance BDSM romance.

Authors Bio

 Kate Hawthorne lives in beautiful southern California with her husband, tiny human, and four legged child. She writes dirty books about boys in love.

Sue’s Quickie



Well damn….This one is an amazing read.

I’ve loved all Kate’s books I’ve read and this one is damn near up the top.Landon and Gregory get a second chance at love at 15 years apart and the way they are together is amazing.

Landon is definitely submissive and the way Gregory controlled him was brilliant.

I loved their dynamics…I also loved the secondary characters who I know will be getting their own books…I especially loved Verity and can’t wait to get their book..

This is no way a cliffhanger but it will definitely leave you wanting to read the rest of the series. I can’t wait for the next one and this will definitely be going on my shelf in hardback x

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