Sue’s Quickies:: Want by R. Phoenix



Title: Want

Series: The Need Triolgy 1

Author: R Phoenix

Publisher: Phoenix Publications

Length: 114




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For years, Rex Mirza has been controlling every aspect of his twin brother?s life. Using the fact that Tavi is a magicless witch ? a mere human ? in a family of powerful witches, he has justified every harsh treatment. All of it is only for Tavi?s own good, of course. How could a human possibly know what was best for him? 


When Tavi gets the chance to turn the tables on his brother, will he take it? Or will he take the punishment Rex says is due for trying to run away? 


*This is a dark taboo tale that contains several kinks that may offend or trigger some readers, including (but not limited to) age play, ABDL, and humiliation. Not every dynamic or element is 100% consensual. 











R. Phoenix has an unhealthy fascination with contrasts: light and dark, heroes and villains, order and chaos. She believes that love can corrupt and power can redeem. Her muse is a sadomasochistic slave driver who thinks it’s terribly amusing to give her the best ideas when she just got comfortable and warm in bed, and she passes on that torture to her readers. She also tries entirely too hard to be funny, and she mercilessly inflicts her terrible sense of humor upon anyone who speaks to her. She’d love it if you’d say hello!



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