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Ryland was perfectly happy with his head buried in the sand. 


Ryland was convinced that there had to be something better than racing toward adulthood. He just wasn?t sure what it was. Between the decisions about college majors and careers, and never-ending responsibilities, all he wanted to do was let it all go and just unwind. Unfortunately, everyone else?s idea of fun was more stressful than relaxing. 


Holden never expected to find the sub of his dreams at the grocery store.


Overhearing the voice on the next aisle talking about how much fun baby biscuits and kiddie snacks were was the last thing Holden expected to happen at the grocery store. But it was music to his ears. Except, the sexy voice didn?t seem to understand what his preferences might actually mean. 


As Ryland discovers that growing older doesn?t have to mean growing up, Holden wants to be the Daddy who gets to show him how perfect being little can be.



 kinky morse code


 Excerpt 1


I was a goddamned peeping tom, but as he walked into the room, towel slung over his shoulder and pants riding low on his waist, I didn?t walk away. Silently cursing the builders who thought bedroom windows that large were a good idea, I continued to stare. One last swipe of the towel over his head and it got tossed across the room. Was that where his bed was? Had it been a laundry basket?


The only thing I could see was a portion of his desk and some open space in front of a dresser. As he walked over to the dresser, he finally glanced out the window. When he froze, I made no effort to move. I wasn?t going to hide the fact that I?d been looking, but since he hadn?t pulled down the blinds and this room was completely empty, I wasn?t feeling too bad about it.


Ryland stood there for a long moment just watching me. We weren?t close enough for me to have a clear look at his face, but from what I could see, he looked calm and relaxed. I expected the first thing he?d do after he started moving would be to block the window but no, he simply walked over to the dresser and pulled out a T-shirt.




It was a kids? computer game. Sure, I knew adults played it, but the building-block style setup and the open way it was designed said it was for someone younger?at least in my opinion. Most people in my classes played different survival games or post-apocalyptic scenarios, not building houses and worlds from scratch block by block.


Did he know what he was doing to me, or was it just a coincidence?


Smoothing it down over his chest, Ryland glanced back toward the window. Slow, measured steps moved him closer and then he stopped. When he stepped out of view, I thought I?d scared him off. Now that I was the one staring like a stalker, it might seem weird to him.


The seconds stretched out, but before I could push myself away from the window, he was there again.



He was trying to kill me.


He gave me a long, steady look as he set a small stuffed bear in the window. His arms wrapped around his body in a nervous gesture as he nodded, then walked away. When the lights went out, I was left staring at a dark room, the toy against the window the only thing visible.


What had it meant?


Was he simply acknowledging that he knew what I liked?




Was it indicating he was at least curious?




Could he actually be interested?


That was harder to answer.


I wanted to say yes, but it could?ve very easily been my own desires making it harder to see the truth. But then I went back to the conversation in the grocery store and the look on his friend?s face. There was something that kept pushing at me. The innocent way he talked about wanting to relax and do fun things that people didn?t seem to understand kept popping into my head.


There was a small, very vocal part of me that wanted to go over and talk to him, but thankfully I had more self-restraint than that. Even though I knew that my fantasies were going to play out a completely different scenario in my head later. As I finally forced myself to walk away, the little bear still sat there, taunting me and sending wicked and wonderful things through my head.

Yup, the little thing was trying to drive me crazy.


Unexpected 2


Excerpt 2


I was pretty sure most people wouldn?t be excited about the idea, but I was starting to get used to it. ?Do you think he would just want to like?be together when I was just pretending to be young? Or when he wants to do regular stuff as well??


I really wasn?t sure how everything would work.


?It depends on the couple, but I?ve read stuff where it works both ways. Some people are together in their grown-up life as well as their time in the lifestyle, and some people are just Daddy and boy in the time that they hang out together. Then when that?s done, they walk away and go back to their grown-up lives.? I couldn?t decide if Finn had too much time on his hands so he ended up finding weird stuff online, or if there was something I should be asking him.


?How do I know what he wants? How do I know what I want?? How was I supposed to move on from this point? There was no way to ignore that the whole thing sounded interesting. But what was I supposed to do, go up to him and ask for a playdate?


Finn laughed. ?How about you talk to him??


?Hell, no.? Okay, maybe not the most grown-up reaction.


Snickering, Finn ignored my outburst. ?I can?t hold your hand and go over there and do this with you, goof.?

But that was safer?or at least easier. ?Why not??


It wasn?t like he was expecting me to be a grown-up, anyway.


Finn barked out a laugh. ?Because that would really give him the wrong idea.?


?What you mean?? I didn?t get it.


Finn shook his head. ?Never mind. But no, I?ll help, but he?s got to see that this is something you want even if it?s uncomfortable.?


?Why? I mean, I don?t think I?m being forced by??


Finn jumped in. ?Because anything with BDSM or alternative lifestyles is really big on consent and communication.?


What the hell?


?I don?t like whips and chains or him hitting me with anything.? No one said anything about BDSM.

Finn just about rolled on the floor laughing. ?No, not like scary stuff. Picture him putting you over his lap and spanking you.?


What the hell was he watching online?




I wasn?t ready to talk about that. Finn must?ve realized it, because while he didn?t stop smiling, he didn?t make me respond. ?That?s where the communication part of this comes in. You have to be able to tell him what you like and what you?re curious about. He also needs to know what your limits are.?


This part was kind of self-explanatory. ?Like things I know I don?t want to do??


?Yes.? Finn sat up and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. ?I think it?s time for you to grow up and tell the sexy guy next door that you want to be a kid again.?




 Author Bio


I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom erotic romance and BDSM erotic romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. Previews of new books are available on my Facebook page.


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