The Prince’s Priest by V.C. Willis :: Debut Novel :: Book Blast :: Author Interview ::

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The Prince's Priest by V.C. Willis :: Debut Novel :: Book Blast :: Author Interview ::

Book Info

TitleThe Prince’s Priest 

SeriesTraibon Family Saga

Author: V.C. Willis

Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc

Published: 26 June 2020

Length: 216 pages

Keywords : Royal, Fantasy, War, Romance, Survival, Evil Ex, historical, alternative world,

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The Prince's Priest by V.C. Willis :: Debut Novel :: Book Blast :: Author Interview ::


The Prince of Bloodeaters is in love with a human priest. Living in a kingdom haunted by civil war and a plague called the Madness, two men will find their own way to fix their world. Viceroy Falco, the prince’s ex-lover, wants an army of bloodeaters at his command and stands in their way at every turn. When Father John takes over the Glensdale church, he becomes a target for Falco’s sadistic games. Dante is willing to sacrifice everything to keep Father John safe, but will he have to accept his position as Prince when the King falls ill? After running away ten years ago, will Dante be able to confess his love for John, fight Falco, and take on his title once again?  

The Prince's Priest by V.C. Willis :: Debut Novel :: Book Blast :: Author Interview ::

Author Interview

What has inspired you to write in the MM Genre?

I have been a huge fan of MM mangas and novels, reading and searching out new books and series.
Overall, my choice of go to reads are in the paranormal and fantasy realm, especially mythology and
vampire-based work. What drove me crazy is never seeing a MM Romance with all the elements I
craved to see within a story. After a crazy dream, I decided my author side wouldn’t let me not make an
attempt at creating the story I had in mind.

How do you create your story worlds?

Usually it starts with an idea or character, and through a series a of “what if ? and “what about this?
questions I start to build a loose outline. A lot of times I cherry pick a time period, historical event
and/or mythology to tie in. A bit of research goes into it before I get to the writing stage.

Where do you find your inspiration for stories?

For a lot of my work, I usually pull nagging inspiration from my dreams. From there, as I do research, I’m
collecting images, notes, and think up scenarios I can put the couple into that might serve as both great
reading but a little of that fan service that MM readership seems to see and get excited for.

Your favourite MM Authors?

C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince Trilogy I adore. Another book I found beautiful was Song of Achilles by
Madeline Miller and the way mythology was represented in that piece was stunning. I’ve also enjoy
reading Jex Lane for that paranormal MM fix.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Dante and John have much to tell. Their story is only the beginning, we all want to know exactly what is
happening with the powerhouses that make up Grandemere. Look forward to seeing more of this world
and possibly Ashton’s story way before Dante was conceived.

Getting to know you.

A happy childhood memory?
Fishing with my dad. He really encouraged my love for Florida wildlife including marine life. Being able to
venture out, catch fish, see all the creatures, impacted me and how I view the world. I still go fishing
with my family and often kidnap friends to show them why I still adore those simple adventures on
Florida back roads.

Something your proud of in your life?

I gave up on writing, but through a startling life event I picked it back up. What I didn’t expect is the skills
I learned in the down time only made my ability to write and chase my dream to becoming an author so
much more tangible. I can say I am proud to have picked my dream back up and land a day job creating
books for fellow writers along the way.

An ambition you have not achieved yet?

Netflix series or movie. I really want this on my bucket list! It’s amazing to see all these wonderful stories
being told in so many different ways.

If you were not able to write or if you have another job/career, what would it be?

I have had many jobs over my lifetime in a variety of fields, janitor to raising cattle to currently being a
typesetter. All those experiences, and stories, come through my work at times. For example, the whole
deal with the buzz buttons actually comes from going out for drinks with a friend and a local restaurant
using them in a seasonal cocktail. It was an experience and after doing some research on them, I
thought it worked as a great authentic touch to the story.

If you ruled the world for one day, what would be the first thing you would change?

Equality for all.

Instant answer questions.

Favourite Movie: Tremors. I don’t know why, something about the cast characters.

Book: All time favorite is The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

Take away: That its perfectly ok

Holiday destination: I loved Cancun, Mexico. I dream of going to Osaka, Japan.

Animal: Tiger

Music: Ohh… this is hard. I love so many… Sam Tinnesz (A lot of his songs inspired The Prince’s Priest)

Hobby: Fishing!

Which is your favourite season: Fall. In Florida the weather is likable again.

Name five Dislikes: I

hate stepping on Orbez and Legos;

I hate being asked if I can do a thing, reply no,
and asked to do the thing;

I actually don’t care for lobster or crab.

What can we expect from you in the future:

More books! Both designed by and written by me and my
other pen names (V.C. Willis for MM Romance, Valerie Willis Paranormal M).?


The Prince's Priest by V.C. Willis :: Debut Novel :: Book Blast :: Author Interview ::


Slumping my shoulders, I finished covering the bulbs and watering the rows. Circling back, I did one more round for good measure, ignoring the shouting match unfolding inside the cabin. I had nearly finished when John shot out the door. Pausing, I watched him march off and lost him in the scores of tree trunks. After a minute or two, the old man came out on the porch, leaning a shoulder on a post as he lit his pipe. Hanging up the bucket, I came to attention in front of him, eyebrows high.

“Don’t you look at me like that.” His teeth chattered against the pipe. “Grab the scythe and go mulch out some grass for the piglets.”

“When did we get piglets?” I marveled.

“Doesn’t matter. Now go mulch.” With that, he turned and dove back into the house.

It took a moment for me to sort through the tool shed to find where John tossed it. Picking the scythe up, I hadn’t realized how much it weighed and the overall awkward feel of the tool. Marching out to the edge of the clearing, I stopped where John mulched a chunk out for the chickens the day before. It wasn’t a task I had performed yet. Mimicking how I thought John held the contraption, I attempted a swing, failing miserably. Scoffing, I adjusted and tried again, barely doing anything but laying the grass flat.

“You look pitiful,” John laughed from where he leaned against a tree.

“How long were you going to just watch me struggle?” Furrowing my brow, I ignored him and tried again, failing. “You made this look so easy.”

“Because it is. You’re trying too hard.” Pulling himself off the tree, he continued, “You’re holding the snath all wrong.”

“The what?” I stood up and found John practically on top of me, gripping my right wrist and shoving my hand on the handle again.

“Take this hand and grab the lower nib on the snath, then this hand on the upper nib.” I regretted all the times I mused over his frustrations in our studies as I found myself the student. “Straddle your legs.”

“Like this?” I shifted my stance.

“No, more like…” He was tapping my feet, kneeing my legs, and my face flushed. “Good, that’s better. Now put the heel down.”

“Heel?” Swallowing, I couldn’t ignore the beating of my heart and the heat rising in my face. What’s wrong with me?

“The blade, Dante.” John’s face was focused on the tool and task at hand. “There,” he took a step back. “Now give it a sweep.” I started to twist back but found him up against my back, like a puppeteer moving a doll. “No, not like that. You’ll wrench your back out.”

His hands cupped my own. The speed in which he took control and how easily I allowed it startled me, my beating heart aching in my chest. His arms matched my own in length with my elbows nestled in his. The heat of his body, sweaty against my bare back, stirred emotions I had been denying existed.

He likes you… I like him… echoes from months ago made my heart ache.

I tried to step away, but his knee caught mine, and we leaned forward together. My breath caught, his body dominating my own as we moved our hips and arms one way, sweeping the scythe with ease to the other side. If it wasn’t for the tool in our hands, I would have thought…

“Like this,” his voice was soft and sultry as it rolled over my shoulder. “You rotate the hips and sweep your arms. Just bring the scythe with your arms. See.”

I nodded and he broke away from me, sending chills across my body. “Like this?”

“Perfect. Just two or three more should be enough.” He grabbed up the mulch we had cut as one and headed for the pig pen. “They don’t need much.”

“Right.” I finished the sweeps and leaned on the scythe, covering my mouth.

I know better. Haven’t I learned nothing good comes from following my heart? He’s becoming a priest, and I’m a runaway Prince. Our worlds should never cross paths like this. I didn’t come here for love; I came here to live. Is the old man right, that John…?

“Dante?” John’s voice brought my gaze to him, and he creased his forehead, still wearing the scowl from before. “That’s it. You’re done for the day.” He tossed the last of the mulch in the pig pen. “Come on. No more.” He ripped the scythe from my hands and tossed it to the ground. “I’ve got a parting gift for you.”


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Author’s Bio

Willis is an avid reader of male romances, whether it’s series like C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince Trilogy, a standalone novel such as The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller or diving into the many mangas they’ve discovered published and independent artists and authors. With a passion for the characters, worlds, and plots in these fellow Fantasy Romances, V.C. Willis is still left thirsty for more and has taken up the pen to fill the gap in their own reading selection. With their debut novel, The Prince’s Priest, a saga of two men who are broody in their own right and love each other, the aim is to introduce works with no other underlying motives. Enjoy sexual tension, raw romance, and amazing worlds. A touch of magic and paranormal should be expected as under other pen names this writer has earned their share of accolades and awards. 

Author’s Bio

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