The Pet and his Duke by Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus :: New Release Review Tour ::

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The Pet and his Duke by Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus :: New Release Review Tour ::

Book Info

TitleThe Pet and his Duke

Author: Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus

Publisher: Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus

Published: 19 June 2020

Cover Design: Tiferet Sikorska

Length: 95,000 words

Keywords :  Science Fiction, Space Opera,
Romance, Slavefic, M/M, Gay, Slavery, Slave-to-Lover, Hurt / Comfort,
Rejection, HEA, Age Difference, Power Difference, gay, cis, nobles, slaves,
demons, aliens, torture, rejection, hope, friendship, personal growth, hea

Warning:  deals heavy with slavery, non-con, dub-con, hurt, rejection, lots of fluff

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is a pet, a human pleasure slave, and well past his prime.

when teenage Duke Thomar of Aylian buys him via mail order, Robert first
suspects a dreadful misunderstanding. The duke is young, handsome and
headstrong, and the very last thing he needs while struggling to secure his
reign over his planet is an aging bargain bin pet by his side.

the more time Robert spends with Thomar, the more he learns that the young duke
rarely makes mistakes. Unless, of course, Thomar dashes off on one of his mad
adventures, which Robert increasingly becomes a part of…

Pet and his Duke’ is a standalone m/m romance novel in the ‘Virasana Empire’
universe. Written by Rainbow Book Award winners Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus, it
is a story of self-determination and love, and Happily-Ever-Afters in the most
unlikely places.



The story followed Robert a 40+ Pet Slave and his new Master young Duke Thomar in Adult teen.

It is a story of two men trapped in their respective lives, and it starts with Robert being shipped off to his new master on another planet.  He is surprised to find out his new Master is so young and is convinced that there is a mistake in the paper work.

Duke Thomar, is wiser then his years well most of the time,  I think he chose Robert as a slave, because he wanted someone wise, reliable and mature to comfort him and to confide in.

They soon click and become friends and this is unsettling to Robert who is used to more strict and regimental Masters.  He is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I did say Thomar  was mature beyond his years most of the time, and when he is not he leads himself and Robert on some interesting adventures, which are thrilling and scary for poor Robert at the same time.

We watch them break down the divides between them and society rules, as the lines between them blur, until it is obvious that they are deeply in love with each other. 

I really enjoyed this book, it has a uplifting feel to it and puts a smile on your face.  Don’t get me wrong its not always smiles, as they have enemies that are out to topple the Duke.

The message I took from the story is not to assume you know what type of person is by their title, name, background or any other descriptive details. 

I think the author did a wonderful job of bringing a full and vivid world to life.  The pacing was just right and your always wanting to read just one more page.


I will certainly be reading more from this author, who was new to me.

Review Rating: 5+

Exclusive Excerpt

Gasping for breath, Robert leaned against one of the huge boulders dotting the seemingly endless hillside rising before him in a steep incline. Thomar and T’lark were several yards ahead of him, climbing with an appalling lack of effort.

For the hundredth time today, Robert wondered how it was that every time Thomar suggested something, it sounded like a great idea at first, but when one was in the middle of it, it turned out to be a mess. And yet he fell for those suggestions every single time.

It had all started innocently enough. Winter had lost its icy grasp and with the gentle breeze of spring in the air, Thomar had announced that he would take two days off from being a duke to visit the N’Ptalini village he had grown up in. His real family, as he called it. He had not seen them since he had been snatched away by the Emperor’s Ruby Guards to become Duke after the suicide of his birthmother nearly two years ago. But now that his rule was cemented, he could afford to go.

Robert had felt honoured when Thomar asked him to come. He never spoke much about the S’batha T’cla and his N’Ptalini family, but Robert could tell they meant much to him. All the more touching for him to want to share it with his pet.

The times when Robert had been scared of the N’Ptalini was long past, constant exposure to Thomar’s bodyguards had seen to that. Maybe these N’Ptalini living in the mountains of Aylian were more savage and dangerous, but Robert trusted his master to protect him.

What Thomar had failed to mention was the fact that there was no proper landing space for a hoverglider anywhere near S’batha. They had parked their glider further down, and had been climbing uphill for well over an hour now. Not the kind of exertion Robert was used to. He was a spoiled court pet and an old one at that. Right now, he felt every year and every extra rasher of bacon he had enjoyed over the dreary months of winter.

Even constantly running around on a leash attached to an adventurous puppy hadn’t prepared him for this. Robert gently stroked the amulet safely tucked away under his shirt. Alain would have a great time bouncing all over the slope. And it would be a veritable nightmare to chase him down again. For once, it was a good thing that he had to remain locked up when Thomar was around.

“Robert? Are you alright?” Thomar called from further up.

Apparently, his master had finally noticed that his darling pet was falling behind. Blasted bastard. Briefly, Robert wondered when he had discarded his servile attitude that demanded he worship his master in all things. He was past that with this particular master, who he loved and adored much more than he could ever worship him. Thomar must have known this would be a bitch of a trip for Robert. He always thought of everything, after all. So he skipped the grovelling in his reply.

“No, I’m not alright!” At least the brief rest had restored his ability to breathe properly. “I’m going to die of a heart attack any minute now!” He glared up at Thomar for all that he was worth. “My lord!”

The breeze carried T’lark’s laughter downhill. Blasted, heartless bastard. Well, we’ll see how you climb a mountain once you’re my age.

“We can take a break, if you want,” Thomar offered a lot more helpfully, “but it’s not much further now. At the top of the slope, we’ll already be able to see the entrance to the village.”

Of course this N’Ptalini T’cla, like most of their mountain settlements, was located underground. The planet was riddled with extensive cavern systems, many of them interconnecting. It was a feature shared with the N’Ptalini homeworld Geshi N’Ptah, where they lived in cavernous structures built over centuries by local plants. Only, those cave-filled hills were located right on the edges of the ocean, providing easy access to the N’Ptalini’s favourite element.

Aylian’s caverns had been a middling substitute at best, but they had also been the reason why it was one of the last planets won back from the N’Ptalini in the great war between their race and Humanity. Hidden in the heavily fortified caverns, it had been close to impossible to rout them out. Historians postulated that some deep pockets of resistance had never been found and had continued to plague Aylian’s rulers as breeding grounds for N’Ptalini rebellions ever since.

Robert had tried to read up on the history prior to this visit, but had found the mix of dry facts and wild speculations unbearable. Neither would serve him well when visiting actual people.

Asking T’lark had not been particularly helpful either. The N’Ptalini had a plethora of stories to share about oppression and exploitation in their history, but not much about how they had first conquered and then lost Aylian centuries ago.

At least, Robert had been treated to some hair-raising tales of the times when T’lark and F’leer had been terrorists, preying on the nobility and rich commoners of Aylian. Asking F’leer would probably have resulted in a lecture on how N’Ptalini rights were still being ignored. Not that humans were treated any better. T’lark had provided colourful tales of adventure and mischief, which made the terrorist acts – which had gotten them sentenced to death – sound like pranks.

“Come on! You can do it, old man!” T’lark teased him from up ahead.

Robert resisted the urge to throw one of the many convenient stones at him and instead pushed away from the boulder he had been leaning against. He’d make it up that mountain somehow, and if he died of a stroke in the process, at least he could be sure that Thomar would feel sorry for it for the rest of his life.

This time, his two companions waited for him and when he reached them, Thomar had a small, happy smile for Robert that made him admit that the effort was worth it after all. Thomar was willing to share his family with him. Something personal, something he was not sharing with anyone else at court, discounting his unruly N’Ptalini bodyguards. It was a measure of trust and inclusion that proved once more that his feelings for Thomar were returned.

They continued together and finally reached the top of the slope only a few minutes later. Here, the mountain rose up in an uneven cliff face, but at the foot of it a narrow path led up to some immense boulders that looked like they had been scattered by a giant child throwing a temper tantrum.

Thomar pointed ahead and Robert could make out old, faded markings on the boulders, some carved into the stone, some painted and nearly washed away. N’Ptalini pictograms.

Robert wanted to ask what they said, but funnily, T’lark asked the same question before he could.

Thomar smirked at him. “You can’t read N’Ptalini?”

T’lark shrugged, mildly embarrassed. “I grew up in the city slums,” he said. “No one around to teach me cultural stuff. Too busy surviving.”

“They tell the story of the T’cla,” Thomar explained, “how these caverns were found, who settled them first. What great battles their warriors were involved in. Visions of the future glimpsed by the priests. It’s history and prophecy.”

“So a little more elaborate than a city limits sign?” T’lark grinned insolently and was promptly kicked in the shin by Thomar.

“Your lack of respect for your race’s cultural heritage is despicable.” Thomar sounded inappropriately cheerful.

Robert smiled. It was a rare treat to see the Duke of Aylian shed his mature cloak of rulership and behave in so carefree a manner. He was well aware that he was the one who shared most of these moments.



 Robert looked up from his latest romance novel as the door to the Ducal Suite opened to admit his master.

He was seated in his armchair at the burning fireplace, huddled under a woollen blanket. Early autumn in the capital of Aylian was usually pleasantly mild, but this year had brought an uncomfortable chill to Toraskah.

Thomar had explained that this was a problem caused by the Eigenrealität-bubble of the Aliaerean Realms leaking through the demon portal above them, messing with the climate. Whatever that meant. Apparently someone very important named Lady Beverly was working hard on correcting the issue, but it was all very complicated and would not be fixed before this winter, which promised to actually bring snow to the capital, a rare occurrence indeed.

All Robert had understood was that it was fucking cold, would get even colder, and would stay that way for a few months.

Blinking somewhat owlishly through his reading glasses, Robert watched his master carry a huge bowl filled with various types of fruit over to him. Thomar was home from work early and that usually meant he was so fed up with his duties that he was only left with the choice to either walk out or start shooting people. However, his smile looked decidedly indecent and made Robert discount that theory.

Thomar placed the bowl of fruit on the low sidetable next to Robert’s armchair. He pushed Robert’s feet off the footstool and inappropriately settled himself there, smiling up at his pet.

Robert carefully took off his reading glasses and placed them on the table with his book. His master obviously wanted something, and as usual, Robert wasn’t sure what it was.

“How was your day, my lord?” he tried to gauge Thomar’s mood.

“Pretty nice, actually.” Thomar drew a vicious-looking N’Ptalini dagger from a concealed compartment in his left boot, picked up a lima fruit from the bowl and started peeling it. “I was stuck in a meeting between Bishop Claudius of the Belligra and demon Ambassador Brassion for the last three hours and got to listen to them yelling at each other while entirely ignoring me.” He dropped the lima peel to the ground, cut a fillet out of the ripe fruit and noisily sucked it off his blade. “I don’t think they have noticed that I left.”

“I see.” It was of course exceedingly impolite for the Duke to slip away like that, but Thomar knew that perfectly well himself.

“So, I thought I’d come home and see how my favourite pet is doing.” Thomar discarded the rest of the peeled lima and picked up a mango instead. Again his dagger went to work, this time with juice dripping over his fingers.

“I’m good, thank you, my lord,” Robert replied politely. He was not sure where his master was leading with this seemingly innocent conversation.

“You do look a bit cold.” Thomar eyed him thoughtfully, licking mango juice off his fingers. “I’ve been wondering if we should find someone to fix the palace’s central heating.” He popped a piece of mango into his mouth and continued sucking on his fingers with obvious relish. “Not sure if it’s worth the effort if the climate is fixed by next winter though.”

“I’m sure we can make do until then.” It was kind of hard to concentrate on the conversation when his master was such a pleasant distraction.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Thomar discarded the half-eaten mango as well, along with the dagger, and started rummaging in the fruit bowl until he produced an already cut piece of melon. “And the cold has some advantages too, eh? Snuggled up under blankets, sharing warmth…”

Thomar bit into the piece. Melon juice ran down his chin and he spent some time mopping it up with his fingers and licking them clean.

Robert watched hypnotised. He was slowly getting an idea of what his master wanted but he felt it was safer to ask first. Only how to phrase that question?

“So… anything in particular I can do for you tonight, my lord?” he finally asked, while Thomar picked up a handful of strawberries from the bowl.

“Hm… actually… yes.” Thomar lasciviously licked the first fruit and bit off half of it. “You know… I enjoyed that afternoon on the first day of our vacation.” He sucked the juice from the rest of the strawberry. “When you ordered me onto the bed and fucked me so hard I thought you’d split me in half.”

Robert gave an undignified, half-choked sound. Pounding his master hard while half-crazed with lust was one thing. Having his master talk about it and demand more of it was another thing altogether. Then again, Thomar was doing a great job of getting him to that half-crazed state again.

“You seem to need some inspiration…” The next strawberry followed, this time including Thomar licking red juice off his lips with his terribly agile tongue.

By now, the blanket as well as the fire seemed way too hot for Robert’s liking. He felt heat pool in his groin as Thomar grinned up at him, sinfully sexy in his black uniform and that innocent face with eyes that promised pleasure as far from innocent as possible.

“You think you can repeat that performance?” Thomar asked, turning his attention back to the bowl of fruit.

This time he reached for a banana, but Robert’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist before he could pick it up. Discarding any kind of careful considerations, Robert got to his feet and pulled his master against himself forcefully. He was rewarded with a breathless laugh full of delight. He covered Thomar’s mouth in a demanding kiss and tasted the unexpected fruit cocktail with Thomar’s own taste the cherry on top.

Author’s Bio

We are Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus, a couple currently living our happily ever after in the very heart of Germany, under the stern but loving surveillance of our cat.

Both of us are voracious but picky readers, we love telling stories and drinking tea, good food and the occasional violent movie. Together, we write novels of adventure and romance, hoping to share a little of our happiness with our readers. 

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