The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt


This book was a fantastic read. A story of a young man that has constantly been mentally battered by his family. At first, Ryan comes across as an arrogant young man. But when he meets Misha at a fencing club, he is soon put in his place on the piste. After realizing he is not that good at fencing he asks Misha to teach him how to fence. There is a lot of tension and battles between them, but the sexual tension builds. Eventually, they give in to their mutual desires. This is where Ryan finds things out about himself. Like he feels at home on his knees in front of Misha. And Misha also learns things about Ryan, such as his messed up background, his down to earth attitude and determination to make his own way in life, even with a trust fund. There are rocky moments between the two of them, misunderstandings.

I have given this book 5stars because it is so well written, and shows BDSM as real and not just someone’s fantasy come true. Loved both characters but Ryan just amazes me with his attitude to life and how he copes with his broken family. And how Misha gives him the courage to take control of his life.

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