Sues Quickies: Sinister Hunger by Katz Snow

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Title: Sinister Games

Series: Blood Stream

Author: Katze Snow

Publisher: Self Published


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Length: 212 pages

Keywords : Dark, Paranormal, Vampires, Non Con, Dubious Con, BDSM,

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When Vincent sold himself to a vampire, he did not expect to become the slave of Maddox Caine. Now struggling to accept the feelings of passion he’s grown toward his master, he’s agreed to follow Maddox into a war he never knew existed. This is what he’s been waiting for: to fight, to avenge, and to win. But what happens when another vampire threatens to put Vincent’s heart, not just his loyalties, to the test? 

Emory Hudson was never meant to live past childhood. His uncle managed to save his life at every turn, but now Emory finds himself alone, on the desert, with an enemy claiming to be his ally. They both seek the one thing that can be fatal to a First Born vampire. Paired with this unexpected accomplice, Emory scours the Wastelands in search of the poisonous flower. No matter what the sacrifice, he will kill the Governor of Sanctuary Hope and save his uncle. It’s the least he can do. 

In this depraved and desolate world, can Vincent learn to see that there is more to vampires than an insatiable desire for blood? And will Emory free his uncle before the war divides them forever?


I’m sat here wondering how to review this.

I thought I’d found in Nicky James’ books the hardest to read in her Healing Hearts series but this one left me in no doubt that this one just breaks my heart over and over again.

Huxley is struggling along with his life suffering with his paranoia. I really don’t know what to say. I loved this book. Absolutely loved it.

Huxley is living a solitary life after fleeing civilisation after the murder of his husband and because of his condition thinks everyone is out to hurt him, they are not as they seem.

When he meets Aspen it’s a slow slow ride to trusting him. Aspen after realising who Huxley is and what he suffers from takes his time to get to know him.

There’s times when I wanted to slap Aspen and tell him to take it easy and time when I just wanted to take Huxley and tell him “Not everyone is out to hurt you”.

They both struggled especially nearer the end…..They were both so good together and damn those scenes were hot…Huxley sure knew how to treat Aspen in bed.

It makes you realise just how easy your life is when you don’t suffer from a mental illness. I’m so glad Aspen took the time to help Huxley and get him back on track….A definite must read and one of my favourites of this year x

Author’s Bio

After leaving school and renting a crummy flat at sixteen, Katze Snow now lives in Scotland with her wolf-dog and kitty. When she’s not writing or listening to music, she works for a top-secret, underground organization, but sshhh, it’s a secret. She finally published her debut novel in 2016. 

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