Release Day Review: Resurrected (Alpha’s Warlock #2) by Kris Sawyer



Release Day Review




This book follows on from Cursed the first book in the Alpha’s Warlock series.


The first book left us, after Terry came back from death, with many questions to be answered and the only answer he can give is almost unbelievable.  With Clyde?s pack chomping at the bit to kill him and even Clyde is not totally convinced of everything Terry has to say.


Terry decides he needs to go in search of his past in the hope he can prove his story to the pack.  But there are sinister forces lurking in the packs area and all is not as it seems.


This second book is very exciting and intense. I am reluctant to describe the details of the story, but I will say the plot and pace are perfect.   You also get even closer to the characters and their feelings.   With both Terry and Clyde in danger from a hybrid who seems unstoppable and determined to destroy the pack you are promised a nail-biting ending.


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