Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes
Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes

Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes


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Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes



Silent Strength

Book One In Strength Series

By M.A.Innes

Self Published

200+ pages

66,000 Wor




Eric?s grown more confident. He has to admit that. 

With Marcus?s love and support, he?s stronger than ever, but it?s not enough. His daddy?s given him the ability to go after what he wants, but there?s so much more that feels just out of reach. Eric doesn?t want part of the lifestyle or some of the submission?he wants everything. 


For Marcus, there?s nothing more beautiful than watching his boy?s confidence grow.

Marcus loves every step that Eric has taken on his journey, but he doesn?t want to push his boy too far, too fast. And when the only part of Marcus?s future that?s clear is Eric by his side, it?s not fair to his boy to rush things. A daddy should be able to provide for his boy. A looming retirement and a questionable future aren?t enough. Not when he wants to give his boy everything. 

When it comes to their relationship, Eric is ready to jump in headfirst. But how does Eric show his daddy that everything doesn?t have to be planned out to be perfect?


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Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes


Silent Strength

Book One In Strength Series

By M.A.Innes

Self Published


201 pages

67,000 Words




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Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes




Eric knows what he needs?he just doesn?t think anyone else will want it too.

He?s finally reached his breaking point. There?s only so many times he can put himself out there and get shot down. After a disastrous first date at a BDSM club, Eric is ready to walk away and push his desires to the furthest reaches of his mind?but then up walks Marcus. But just because the sexy older man is looking for a submissive doesn?t mean he?s looking to be someone?s daddy. 

Marcus knows what he wants, and he?s spent months getting everything perfect for his boy?now he just needs to find him.

When Marcus sees Eric at Bound & Controlled, he?s immediately drawn to the sweet submissive who?s desperately trying to hide his devastation. Marcus steps in when he sees the sub?s evening going wrong, but he?s not sure what the shy submissive is looking for. Just because he wants the boy to need a daddy doesn?t mean he?s going to get what he hopes for.

As they discover their mutual desires, Marcus is sure that Eric has the strength to go after what he yearns for; he just needs his daddy?s help and love to see it.



Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes



Following the sexy Dom across the room was instinctive. That was my only excuse. Well, that and I liked how it felt. His sure touch. His confidence. The natural orders that he gave. He was someone used to being in charge and knowing what to do. It was magnetic.

Walking over to the couch where the other Dom waited, I debated back and forth about how stupid it was, but I kept going. The fact that his warm, strong hand was still on my shoulder might have had something to do with it. It had been so long since I?d been touched like that. There was no hesitation and nothing passive about it.

It was a Dom instinctively reacting to a sub.

Not that he was looking at me that way. It seemed to be an unconscious gesture. As strong and masculine as he was, he wouldn?t give me the time of day if he knew what was going on in my head. He was perfectly sculpted with almost military-short hair and broad shoulders. He was old enough to seem like he would know what he was doing in the bedroom?and the kitchen?and the living room?and anywhere else he wanted his sub.

I was an idiot.

Why did I expect things to change? No matter what articles and profiles online said, no one in real life wanted the same thing I did. But the sureness in his voice when he said someone would was soothing and addicting.

Was he right?

No. I?d thought meeting that dick would change things, and that clearly wasn?t the case. I thanked God that I hadn?t shared too much. The tiny amount of myself I?d let slip told me he would have never been daddy material.

There was probably no such thing, anyway.

Lizzie always said romance was manufactured by Hallmark and the book industry. I always told her she was crazy; however, I was starting to think she might have the right idea. But in this case, it was the porn industry promoting the unattainable fantasy of a Daddy Dom. It seemed to be like some kind of gay unicorn.

Everyone online said they knew someone who was into it?but it was all a load of shit in real life.


Shaking his head, he gave me a look that clearly meant he thought I was crazy. ?That was hard for you, wasn?t it??

?You have no idea.?

Setting the black case down, his card now tucked inside for the waiter to pick up, he seemed to appreciate my restraint. ?Thank you, then.?

?I can negotiate points occasionally.?

?Negotiate, huh? Why does it sound like I?m going to owe you something for you letting me pay??

?Because you?re a very smart young man.?

Color rose on his face. ?I?m not sure I agreed to that.?

?You need to read the fine print, then. Not my fault.?

?Fine print, huh? I?ll keep that in mind.? Then his mind seemed to change tracks completely. ?Do you mind??

?Mind what?? I wasn?t sure what he was talking about. Whatever it was had him concerned, though, because his brows were drawn together and he was watching me seriously.

?The fact that I?m younger.? It was clear he was hesitant to broach the topic, but he charged in anyway.

?Oh, the young man comment. No, not really. I?m not going to forget that I?m older than you, but letting it prevent me from getting to know you would be ridiculous. Does it bother you?? And maybe it made me a dirty old man, but I liked his young looks and the innocence that clung to him.

Yeah, dirty old man.

He fiddled with the silverware for a moment before he answered, ?No.? Then, to my surprise, he kept going. ?I like the idea that you?re older. A more mature?figure is what I?m attracted to.?

It was close enough to ?father figure? that I got the message. ?Thank you for sharing that with me.?

He mumbled a quiet, ?Thanks? before sighing in relief as the waiter brought his card back.

?You were saved.?

My teasing broke the tension, and he laughed. ?Yes, and I?m very grateful for it.?

Both smiling, we stood and walked toward the entrance of the restaurant. ?What else do you want to see??

He gave me a tender look, his eyes filled with an emotion I couldn?t quite decipher. ?It doesn?t matter. I just like spending time with you.?

He was my sweet boy. He just didn?t know it yet.


Quiet Strength & Silent Strength By M.A. Innes


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Meet The Author

M.A. Innes is the pseudonym for best-selling author Shaw Montgomery. While Shaw writes femdom and M/m erotic romance, M.A. Innes is the side of Shaw that wants to write about topics that are more taboo.

Shaw loves reading, traveling, and family. While not necessarily in that order, they all rank pretty close. Shaw has lived all over the United States and even Germany. After living all over, Shaw has finally settled in North Carolina and has promised not to move again. Current wish list places to travel to are Australia, Ireland, and Scotland, although the list keeps growing almost daily.

Shaw reads an eclectic mix of genres; everything from Mystery and Sci-Fi Space Westerns, to traditional Romance and all kinds of Erotica. Currently the stories in Shaw?s head are femdom and M/m romance but there are some Sci-Fi/Fantasy that can?t wait to come out as well.