Professor Blood (Ironwrought #2) by Anna Wineheart

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This is the second book in Anna Wineheart  Ironwrought Vampire series.   I really enjoyed the first book, and this one was to me even more enjoyable.  I love the love hate relationship between Quinn a 200-year-old vampire and a young student that also hunts and kills vampires.


Quinn does not drink from humans, not since he accidently drained and killed his sister.  Quinn is a scientist and his ambition is to finally find a way of making a fake blood substance that will feed vampires as good as human blood does.


Branden?s parents were killed by vampires, and ever since he has been on a mission to kill all vampires and save the humans.

They really should not be attracted to each other, putting themselves in danger of other.  But we all know that if there is an instant attraction there is nothing we can do to stop fate happening.


Branden soon learns that Quinn is not like most vampires and is fighting a all mighty internal battle to keep to no human feeding.  But Branden cannot accept that he has feelings for Quinn and even informs the FBI about Quinn?s friends Seb and Oriel, Oriel?s blood is very addictive to vampires and puts them in a frenzy haze, The FBI wants Oriel?s blood to use as a weapon against vampires.


Branden realises after finding out that the FBI have caught Quinn, and have stolen Oriels blood that there is something very wrong going on, and that he actually is falling in love with his Vampire.  But has he realised in time to save Quinn and his friends.


  A very well written paranormal / romance / thriller.  That is exciting to read as the tension builds and builds as you read the book.  As with the first book Forbidden Blood,  The characters are real and easy to connect and relate to them.


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