Perfect Timing by Aimee Brissay



I really enjoyable read that has a little romance, a little mystery, a lot of paranormal and a little humor, and some fighting as you’d expect in a paranormal book. So put it another way it is a paranormal, mystery, romantic thriller. It certainly has you on the edge of your seat in parts and all gooey in other parts. You will be wanting to read just one more page …. and just one more and so on.

Valentin is a vampire on the run from other vampires, after he witnessed his coven being wiped out and his sire poisoned. He knows his time is numbered, on top of that he drank his Sires blood to see who killed him. The blood has poisoned his system and he is slowly losing his powers.


Shawn is a were-cat Jaguar, that has left his pride (pack) when he meets Valentin in a bar. something attracts him to the Vampire. and he instantly feels protective of the vampire. And so the story starts when three powerful vampires turn up and attack them. Succeeding in escaping we are off on a adventure and chase across Europe.


I loved Shawn’s protective nature of Valentin, Both characters are well rounded but with Valentin ‘s health slowing failing it is up to Shawn to look out for him. But Valentin is taken before Shawn can get his head around being fated to a vampire. He has to figure out a way to save his mate before it is too late. 


The story is nicely paced and the world is presented to us vividly. I felt the atmosphere around the characters and the fear they were in.

An exciting read for any Paranormal book lover

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