New Release:: The Accidental Master by M A Innes

The Accidental Master


New Release:: The Accidental Master by M A Innes



Title: Accidental Master

Author: M A Innes

Publisher:  Self Published

Published: May 4th 2018

Pages:  203

Genre: BDSM, Roleplay, Romance, Puppy Play



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One accident has turned Jackson?s life completely upside down.

When Jackson?s sister inadvertently posts an ad for a puppy play book instead of his dog training business, his inbox explodes with the most interesting emails he?s ever seen. In a sea of kink that he?s never even considered, one sweet letter stands out. It?s polite and earnest, and something about the two men?s words touches him in a way he never expected?but they?re not just looking for a lover?they?re looking for a master.

If finding a master for one pup was hard, finding a master who wanted two was almost impossible.

Cooper and Sawyer know that they have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting the man of their dreams. Mature, sweet, dominant masters don?t just drop out of the sky?and when they add in the fact that they?re looking for a man who will love them both, the odds are astronomical. When they see Jackson?s ad online, Cooper couldn?t be more excited. He?s confident that the mysterious man who hints at being a master will be perfect for them. Sawyer, on the other hand, isn?t so sure that everything will go the way Cooper imagines, but saying no to Cooper is like stopping an excitable, well-meaning train. However, when Jackson actually responds to their email, suddenly the impossible seems to be right within their grasp.




New Release:: The Accidental Master by M A Innes




Excerpt #1


?He?s a real dog trainer?? Cooper blinked at me and turned to read the email again. ?Like real dogs??

?Evidently.? Part of me wanted to laugh. Maybe it wasn?t the right response, but knowing that he wasn?t rejecting us because of anything personal was a relief. We weren?t dogs. We liked to pretend we were puppies, but no amount of pretending would magically change that.


Cooper clearly wasn?t sure what to think. He kept glancing back and forth between the screen and me. ?I wasn?t expecting that.?


?Me neither.? The initial Facebook ad had come up in some groups we belonged to, and it had been worded a little weirdly, but it?d looked interesting, so we?d thought we?d try.


?I guess we need to do more research next time.? Cooper was still frustrated, but his growing smile showed that his normal cheer was starting to push its way to the surface. ?He must have been shocked. It sounds like we weren?t the only people who contacted him. Can you imagine how horrified he probably was??


Copper giggled and relaxed his head on my shoulder. ?He was very polite, though.?


?He has a real business, so he doesn?t want to look bad.? The last thing the guy wanted was angry, kinky people raising hell online.

Shaking his head, Cooper pointed to the screen. ?It?s more than that. He said we?re a cute couple and that someone else would?ve loved to have met us.?


Okay, so that was more than a polite rejection. ?We are cute.? Cooper laughed, so I kept going. ?Maybe we?re so cute we turned him gay.?


Giggling, Cooper nodded. ?Maybe we?ve turned him gay and made him curious about being a master??

I had to smile. ?We probably turned him gay, but he?s going to be a pup too.?


Cooper groaned and turned his face into my neck. ?Now you?ve jinxed us. I?m going to blame it on you if he turns out to be another new pup too.?


New Release:: The Accidental Master by M A Innes


Excerpt #2


Sawyer looked over at me and grinned. ?And this is why he needs a spanking on a regular basis. I?m going to hear about the stupid pancakes for days.?


Cooper nodded, clearly enthusiastic about the plan. As soon as he swallowed, though, he threw Sawyer under the bus too. ?And that snarky comment is why he needs a spanking on a regular basis too. He?s much more relaxed after. And being a pup more??


Sawyer shoved a fry into Cooper?s mouth.


I tried not to laugh and ended up coughing into my napkin like I was choking. I couldn?t decide if Cooper said stuff without thinking, or if he loved getting a reaction, but I was leaning toward the latter.


His I?m-so-innocent smile was just too perfect most of the time.


?One day he?s just going to throw something at you.? I was expecting them to laugh, but Sawyer blushed a wonderful purple color and Cooper started to nod.


What the hell had they done?


?He threw his tail at me. Do you know how hard it is to explain away a bruise that looks like a dick?? Cooper was so earnest and matter-of-fact, I was shocked.


I started coughing and couldn?t catch my breath. They were the funniest people I?d ever met. Sawyer was trying so hard to be calm and not let anyone see how nervous he was, and Cooper was bouncy and open and honest to a fault most of the time.


Especially when it would drive Sawyer crazy.


?Why did you throw your tail at him?? I was very proud of myself for not stumbling over that question.

Sawyer?s coloring hadn?t gone back to normal, and his head fell back, so he was staring up at the ceiling. ?I wasn?t trying to throw it at him. He was going on and on about something, and I was frustrated and started talking with my hands, and the damn thing went flying.?


Then his head came up, and he stared at Cooper, his voice dropping low. ?And stop saying it looked like a dick. It did not.?


Cooper snorted. ?It did too. It looked like your cock slapped into my thigh so hard it left a bruise.?

Lord, they were a handful.


But so perfect, I couldn?t help wanting to gather them in my arms. Cooper seemed to be craving a firm hand to help him settle down. Sawyer was a little harder to read, but all I wanted to do was hold him and tell him it was okay to let himself surrender.




New Release:: The Accidental Master by M A Innes



Author Bio


I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom romance and bdsm romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments.


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