Review:: Natural Beauty (Cubi 5) by Meraki P. Lyhne

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The Cubi people have lived a secluded and quiet existence since they arrived in America. A shipment of new breeders brought two changes with it: Their next King and a mutated breeder. Those two changes set off a chain of events that the Cubi are far from ready to deal with.


Daniel aspires and works hard to find his future place as the sovereign ruler of his people. Seldon fights to rise to his new station and level of responsibilities as the right-hand Lord to a King, but the fight is also with himself. The breeders, who were freed during the upheaval in the Great House of Dahlidin, return to the human society, but not everybody finds it easy to acclimatize.


Although forced into action, Daniel?s hands are tied. Tough decisions that will either end their war or step it up have to be made. The only question is whether a Kingdom that young is even ready for that.






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Why I write?


Once upon a time ? nah, don?t worry.


I was once a member of a fan site and had never read a homoerotic fiction before. I just prowled the forum and read whatever came up. One day I stumbled upon a story about an incubus who fell in love with a guy. The story was very well written with a good plot, strong characters, and it was original. And the sex was something very new to me.


It would be years before I thought of trying out the genre for myself and it kinda happened by accident. I was playing around with the thought of twisting an old mythology I had read about, and one character stepped forward very clearly. But he was definitely into guys! So I let him evolve and wrote the first homoerotic scenes just to try my hands with it. The plot took form and I didn?t stop before I had written 500 pages, and now the story keeps unfolding. Of course it contains a lot more than sex, but that little spice is a flavor I really enjoy.

It has become the Chronicles of an Earned-series plus a few other plots that are rattling around in the back of my head, waiting for the right time to be put onto paper.

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