Mated by Tricia Owens :: Review

Mated by Tricia Owens ::  Review

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Title: Mated 

Author: Tricia Owens

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 2 July

Cover Design: Tricia Ownes

Length: 84,000 words

Keywords : Paranormal, MM, Romance, wolf shifters, DS, BDSM, Fitting in, 

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Mated by Tricia Owens ::  Review


As the brother of the pack alpha, Wren knows his place, even if that place occasionally brings him to harm. But when a handsome new alpha and his pack come to town, challenging the status quo, Wren finds himself torn between the old wolf shifter attitude and a new one.

Gideon is the alpha of the Corwin pack. Though he moved into the territory to take advantage of business opportunities, the moment he encounters the young black wolf with the blue eyes, he finds his priorities changing. Wren is obedient as a good beta should be, but Gideon is banking on him having a rebellious streak. The only way to find out is to gamble: by forcing a marriage between their packs. But it’s a step that unleashes homophobia, deadly danger, and the discovery of a dark secret that was never meant to surface.

Mated by Tricia Owens ::  Review


We follow the story of Wren the beta and alpha’s brother.  His pack believe their wolf side is their true nature.  The pack is set in its ways, known as true call.  The Alpha’s word is law, Brutality is often the way they punish anyone that does not conform.

Wren suffers abuse by his fellow pack members and is finding it harder by the day to condone his brothers’ actions and the true call beliefs.

Suddenly there is a new pack that has bought out the neighboring packs territory.  This does not sit well with Wren’s alpha brother, who goes immediately into defensive mode.

Wren manages to guide his brother to a meeting with Gideon the new alpha, where it agreed the top betas of each pack will be mated to ensure peace.  

This means Wren must leave his pack and join Gideons pack, which he sees as the right thing to do and a new start for him and an escape from the True call mentality

But all is not as it seems, Wren’s brother is demanding that wren is still in their pack and is on a mission to kill Gideon and take over the new pack.  He does not tell Gideon about the plan and thinks he can find away to keep the peace, knowing he could never challenge Gideon.

And Gideon is not telling Wren the full story, which leaves wren wondering if their growing relationship is real or if he is being used for whatever reason Gideon has.

We are taken on an intense journey, with high stakes for everyone involved.  The story is a just one more chapter before bed, kind of book.

The story world is like our own, but the two different beliefs that each pack lives by gives an extra dynamic to Wren, who must learn that in his new pack each member has a say on how they live.  He really struggles to get his head round the new ways and find his place in the new pack.

When the shit hits the fan Wren and Gideon have to come clean to each other, which leads to a fantastic and nail-biting ending.

There are good Shifter stories and there are great shifter stories, and Mated is very much a great story.  To me a great shifter stories, take you into the shifter world and their culture. Making the story as much about their world as it is about the characters.  The author certainly does that in this novel.



Gideon slowly lowered himself to one knee.

Wren sucked in a breath. “You shouldn’t—”

“I believe you when you say you don’t follow True Call.” Gideon’s voice was low and rich. “But I also believe that a part of you has grown used to it and is struggling with the concept of an alpha who doesn’t need to hurt you to command you.”

“Get up,” Wren gritted out. He was beginning to sweat. Even though he knew his reaction was disproportionate to what was occurring, his body refused to listen. “You shouldn’t be on your knees in front of me.”

“This bothers you, doesn’t it? Me in a classically subservient position.”

“It’s not right.”

Wren went taut as Gideon raised a hand and stroked the tips of his fingers down Wren’s throat. His forefinger paused, resting atop his pulse.

“What if I’m on my knees for you?” Gideon stroked across his pulse point. “Seems you like that better, hmm?”

“Please stand up.” Wren dug his fingers into his thighs.

“No.” Gideon dropped his gaze. “I like the view here.”

He eyed the bulge in Wren’s jeans as though considering whether it would fit in his mouth. Though the thought of Gideon giving him a blowjob was mind-blowing, Wren wasn’t sure he wanted it to happen.

As if he could read Wren’s mind, Gideon glanced up at him. “You’d tell me no, wouldn’t you? If I offered to.”

Wren wished he could close his legs, but with Gideon kneeling between them he was stuck. Vulnerable.

“What if I didn’t offer?” Gideon dropped the hand that had been touching Wren’s pulse. He placed it high on Wren’s thigh, a mere inch from where all the blood in Wren’s body was gathering. “What if I told you I’m going to do it and I want you to sit here like a good little pup and enjoy your alpha’s attention?”

A moan crawled up Wren’s throat, but he caught it at the last minute, releasing a strangled sound instead. Gideon’s eyes darkened and the wry amusement that had been lingering on his features fell away.

“Should I test you?”

Mated by Tricia Owens ::  Review

Author’s Bio

 Tricia Owens has been writing m/m fiction since 2000, after stumbling onto the term ‘slash’ and thinking it referred to horror stories. She is the author of Sin City, A Pirate’s Life for Me, and Juxtapose City series, among several others. She lives in Las Vegas.