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Going from exchanging emails to moving in together happened in the blink of an eye, but Jackson wouldn?t have wanted it any other way. Getting to know the quirks and needs of each of his boys has been fascinating and endlessly amusing. With Sawyer?s quiet desire and Cooper?s erotic fantasies, Jackson knows they were meant to be his.

Sawyer and Cooper know more than anyone that life can change in a second, but every moment they spend with Jackson makes them more confident they?d met Master Right. They?d finally found the man who made their family complete. 

When a family grows from two to three, there?s bound to be a learning curve, but it?s how they handle those bumps and turns that matter most. Facing the challenges together, their love can overcome anything. 



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Sawyer laughed and stretched out to give me the kiss I was not so subtly hinting for. Settling back into Jackson?s arms, I glanced at the two of them. ?How was your day??

As we ate, they talked about baking the cake and grocery shopping and all the little things about their day. ?Did you do a big trip? We?re out of almost everything.?

Sawyer shook his head, but Jackson answered. ?No, we talked about it and decided to all go together tomorrow.?

I nodded and gave Jackson a kiss on the cheek. ?Probably a good idea. You forgot the whole frozen food section last time.?

Sawyer snorted. ?You?re no better. You skipped out on all the vegetables and came home with nothing but cereal and microwave burritos.?

I resembled that remark, but I wasn?t going to admit it.

They?d made the mistake of sending me hungry. ?I wasn?t that bad, and it wasn?t my fault. I had green beans and pasta in there too. You shouldn?t send me to the store without a list.?

Jackson was grinning like we were both lunatics. Before Sawyer could think up a comeback, Jackson broke in. ?Are we really going to debate who?s the worst grocery shopper after every one of us came home with milk last week??

The water I was drinking almost came out of my nose when I snorted. ?That was so funny.?

Sawyer laughed. ?We still have two gallons left.?

?See, we need more cereal.? What else could you do with that much milk? Nobody in the house even liked it in their coffee. Everyone preferred creamier options.

It was Jackson?s turn to chuckle. ?We still have several boxes. Maybe we can make French toast or rice pudding with the extra milk before it goes bad.?

I couldn?t remember ever eating rice pudding, but I wasn?t an idiot. I knew what it was.


Still, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. ?Why would anyone make pudding and put rice in it? Wouldn?t it be like lumpy snot??

Sawyer?s water came out his nose.






?Why do we need three boxes of cereal? We?re shopping for a week or two, not the apocalypse.? Shopping with Cooper was like picking out groceries with a sugared up, overcaffeinated monkey.

But it was hard to stay frustrated when he got so excited.

He turned and gave me a too sweet, too eager expression. There was at least a fifty percent chance it was fake. ?But I like cereal for breakfast. And when I?m home during the day, it makes a quick lunch.?

Yep, completely fake. And so was that argument.

?When you?re home during the day, Jackson makes you lunch.? Even if Jackson couldn?t make him something to eat, there were usually plenty of leftovers. Jackson liked to make sure there was enough for us to take to work when we needed to.

Jackson was chuckling, not ready to take a side yet. I glanced down at the boxes in the cart and the one in Cooper?s hands. ?Put the chocolate one back?that?s got to be dessert anyway.?

He didn?t need any more sugar in his life. Between all the crap he snuck at work and all the little things he convinced Jackson to make for him, he was constantly on a sugar high. ?Two boxes. That?s it. If you honestly feel the need for a third, then it should be healthy.?

Jackson gave Cooper a small nod and Cooper huffed. ?Cereal should be fun, not something with the words fiber, bran, or regularity on the cover.?

He didn?t argue with Jackson, however.

The chocolate cereal went back on the shelf, and he started browsing again. I?d have had more patience if we hadn?t been in that aisle for at least five minutes already. He was looking for a box of cereal, not the most perfect, unblemished apple he could find.

As Cooper moved toward the healthier options, Jackson smiled. ?I?m not sure I?ve ever seen a box of cereal with the word regularity on the front.?

Cooper was trying not to giggle, but he was losing the battle. Finally, he grabbed up a box of granola that had to have been healthier than the sugary kid cereals and put it in the cart. ?Perfect.?

I wouldn?t have called it perfect, but it would work.



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I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom erotic romance and BDSM erotic romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. Previews of new books are available on my Facebook page.


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