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Love Me, Daddy by Elouise East :: New Release ::

Book Info

Title: Love Me, Daddy

Author: Elouise East

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 25 June 2020

Length: 30,000 words

Keywords : MM, ROMANCE, D/s, Daddy/boy,

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Love Me, Daddy by Elouise East :: New Release ::


Will their pasts stop them from striving for a future?

Being homeless makes finding a safe Daddy experience difficult, which is confirmed when Nathan is almost knocked out after calling out the word during a liaison. When Loren steps in to aid him, Nathan is ready to let the strong man take charge. But he won’t ask for what he really needs, not when the reaction could be so extreme.

With many failed relationships in his past, Loren yearns for the perfect boy to cherish, but it’s a fantasy in more ways than one as far as he can tell. Nathan’s vulnerability calls to his protective instincts, but he refuses to cross the line. And then he finds Nathan’s need of him is very real.

When Loren assumes control, it centres them both but as they explore their way through this new dynamic, Nathan needs to learn if he’s going to be Daddy’s good boy or Daddy’s little brat.


“Daddy?” A soft voice interrupted his thoughts. He glanced up to see Nathan stood near him, wringing his hands and stepping from foot to foot.

“What do you need, Nate?”

“Would you like a drink?”

Loren tilted his head, scrutinising Nathan as he turned the question over and over in his mind. There was an underlying meaning behind the words, but Loren wasn’t sure what they were. Not knowing where Nathan was going with the question had Loren thinking about the correct way to answer.

Being a boy didn’t necessarily stop Nathan from doing adult jobs, like helping with meals or making a drink, but Nathan had proved he enjoyed colouring and doing jigsaws, putting him on the lower age limit of being a boy. It was something they had not properly talked about, which Loren would have to rectify that evening.

Taking a chance, he went with his gut instinct. “Yes, please. A cup of tea would be great.”

The answering beam was enough of a reply, at least for the moment. Loren watched as Nathan sashayed to the counter, a bounce in his step, settling into his task. He tried to concentrate on the work he’d been completing but found himself watching Nathan’s movements instead.

When Nathan turned with a mug in his hand and began drifting towards Loren, his gaze on the mug, Loren saw the tip of his tongue peek out between his lips in concentration. He grinned and thanked Nathan when it was placed next to him.

“You’re welcome, Daddy.” Nathan twisted to leave the room, but Loren called him back. “Yes, Daddy?”

“Come here, sweet boy.”

Nathan returned to him without hesitation, and his heart felt full to bursting.

“I’d love to reward you.” Loren crooked a finger at Nathan, enticing him to come closer, which Nathan did. Loren reached a hand up to Nathan’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. As their lips touched, Loren felt a fire begin in the pit of his stomach, which flamed higher when Nathan moaned into his mouth. Keeping it chaste was hard work, but Loren pulled away after a few minutes, keeping hold of Nathan’s neck until he opened his eyes and regained his balance.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Nathan whispered.

“You’re welcome. Now, go have fun while I get some more work done.”

Nathan grinned. “I will, Daddy.” He skipped to the doorway, pausing when Loren called his name again.

“You don’t have to call me Daddy all the time if you don’t want to, you know.” Loren had been curious about that since Nathan had started saying the word; it seemed to be in every sentence he spoke. He didn’t want Nathan to think he had to call him Daddy in every interaction. Loren watched as a flush tinted Nathan’s cheeks as he ducked his head and mumbled his response. “I didn’t hear you, Nate.”

Nathan inhaled and peered at Loren. “I love saying it, Daddy.”

Love Me, Daddy by Elouise East :: New Release ::

Author’s Bio

Reading and writing have always been a part of my life, although my debut book wasn’t published until July 2019, when I was 36 years old. My experience has come from reading thousands of books over the years and being a perfectionist when it comes to trying to make things right. I want my books to be emotionally realistic, even if I do take liberties with other aspects of my stories. I have two children who are my life, keep me (in)sane and make me laugh. I love Zumba, yoga and walking.