Love & Lust by Jason Collins





This is another entertaining story from this author, What I really liked with this novel is the chemistry between the two-main character.  They feel right together and feed off each other?s strengths. 


Grant has just served 8 years in prison for a crime he did not knowingly commit, but his family who tricked him into being a getaway driver, swiftly lay the crime on Grant.  All he wants to do now is get on with 


the rest of his life and put the prison sentence and his family behind him.   Things are looking up for Grant when he has a stable job, and soon gets promoted.  Along the way he meets Noah and things look rosy for a while.


Noah is a struggling singer, touring the country and playing in dive bars to try and catch an eye from a agency or record company.   Then he meets Grant and the instant attraction soon turns into much more.  Noah also becomes an overnight success, when his YouTube video goes viral.

But seeing Grant and his boyfriend success, it?s not long before Grants family try to cash in on his association with Noah.


We are taken on a romantic journey with lots of obstacles along the way, Grant finds it difficult to talk about his past to anyone never mind someone important in his life as Noah.  But can he tell noah before someone else tells him?  And what is the fallout when the information is public knowledge?


I so wanted their relationship the succeed, so much so that I found it difficult to put the book down, as I constantly wanted to see what happened next.  The author is really good at adding uncertainty and mystery into his romance novels.


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