Incubus Seduction by Emma Jaye

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Title: Incubus Seduction

Series: Incubus bk1

Author: Emma Jaye

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 15 October 2015

Cover Design: Nero Seal

Length: 94 Pages

Keywords : Paranormal, Incubus, Romance, Demons

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Incubus Seduction by Emma Jaye


Lust is life for an incubus

Judging by the desire radiating from the red-faced mortal in his sex shop, there was yet another fast, forgettable meal coming his way.  When his intended snack turned him down, even after he’d massaged his prey’s inhibitions, the demon’s interest piqued.

 No ordinary human could resist the lure of an incubus for long, and yet Finn was fighting as if his life depended on it. If what Ezra suspected was true, it did. Finn’s lust was not only life for the demon, it was a ticket to fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.

It was time to use his full demonic abilities to bring down his prey, to separate him from his mundane life and relationships, even if it was against supernatural law.

Being propositioned by a mouth-watering stranger was flattering, but a fling would ruin Finn’s carefully planned future. So why couldn’t Finn forget what those sinful, dark eyes promised?

A m/m paranormal novella told from the human’s POV.

Author Interview

Writing and novels

What was your inspiration for Incubus series?

I’ve read a few incubus stories, and they are invariably either ‘sweet m/f’ with no cheating, or horror. The myth says sex demons feed on sex, in the same way a vampire feeds on blood; getting all that food must take effort and multiple partners. Demons should be evil, not angels in disguise, so I gave Ezra a devilish twist that poor Finn falls for hook, line, and sinker. 

The Incubus series is complete, will you be writing more paranormal MM Novels?
Yes! Ezra and Finn’s story had drawn to a close, but I’ve already got some ideas about other characters in the Incubus series. 

Your Paint and Incubus Series are very different, which was more challenging to write and why?
Hmm. Paint, because of the need to adequately portray the mental conditions of the characters. Chris suffers from ADHD and childhood trauma, while Alex self-harms and battles addiction.

How did you become involved in the M/M Genre?
I began with writing what is now called ‘reverse harem’ although I didn’t know it had that name at the time, and found I enjoyed writing the dynamic between the male characters. M/M is very honest, there’s little playing hard to get. The power dynamic is interesting and not necessarily set as it is in most m/f. Besides, what’s hotter than one guy, other than two. Or three. 

Are there any other sub genre’s you would like to have a go writing?
I’ve written scifi (reverse harem) but I’d like to have a go at a pure m/m scifi. Fantasy might also be on the cards – dragons and unicorns are fun! I also wobble between dark angst and humor, so I’d like to do some more humorous stories some time. I’m open to bets – someone bet me I couldn’t mix BDSM and Christmas, – my Naughty or Nice? was born.
The only genre I really shy away from is historical fiction, the research needed to do the genre justice gives me a headache.
Your paint Series are quite deep and emotionally challenging, for the reader, were they challenging for you as the writer?
Hmm. Is it bad if I say no? I’ve always liked stories where the hero suffers and then comes out the other side, straight forward ‘sweet’ bores me. My aim is to make my readers laugh, cry, get a tingle, and spitting mad, but hopefully at different times!


Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a nosy old bag, forever goggling stuff I really shouldn’t. In the quest to be a know-it-all, I’ve amassed quite a few qualifications, mostly in biology and psychology, but I’m proud of my ‘Higher certificate in Wine and Spirits’ – terribly difficult revision process.
My oddest job was working in a tropical fish farm, best job – writer!
I’ve got a quartet of sons, all taller than me, a huge dog, a herd of birman cats and a long-suffering husband.

Five favourite things?
Long walks on the beach, meaningful relationships, communing with nature, world peace….
Who am I kidding? Glass of Cointreau in front of a fire and sharing dirty jokes with other depraved individuals. Making my kids and husband roll their eyes at their odd mother/wife who insists on showing them ‘things that you shouldn’t google’.
What tops your bucket list?
Glass of Cointreau in front of a fire and sharing dirty jokes with other depraved individuals.
If you could change one thing in this world, what would you change?
Sensible time – I’d like people to accept the lifestyle choices of others. Criminalizing LGBT people is utter unacceptable. Living in the UK, it’s sometimes difficult to remember what people in other countries have to suffer because of the way they were born.

Christmas/ Holiday Season

First the most important question, Is Santa Real?
Of course. And he’s not always right, or nice. Or at least he isn’t in my Naughty or Nice? Series.
The next in the series, an m/m story, come out on the 7th December.

What is your most loved memory of Christmas?
Being woken up by my kids only 20 minutes after I stuck the last bit of tape on a present to the shouts of ‘He’s BEEN!!!!’
What does Christmas mean to You?
Family. Daft board games. Sherry before breakfast to cope with wrestling with the turkey.

The funniest Christmas gift you have received?
A bright pink, ankle-length, roll neck jumper. I looked like a woolly condom. But my mum was right – it was warm.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

1. A message to my readers – I promise I will finish every one of my series (unless the aliens get me see #2) I’m getting there, but I can’t write it all at once. Sometimes my muse grabs me and I have to follow him. As he’s exactly like Chris from the Paint series, ignoring him only causes trouble, and a headache.

2. One of my series is ‘Call girls’ this does NOT mean I have ever been, or would consider being, a ‘working girl’. Offers of employment in the field are not appreciated. I write scifi and paranormal too. I don’t sit down for tea with aliens or chat with demons every afternoon…. although that might be fun.


Incubus Seduction by Emma Jaye

Author’s Bio

Emma is the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of series such as Hybrid, Call Girls, Paint and Incubus.

She have a reputation for writing in a wide swathe of genres, from Sci-fi and paranormal, to contemporary romance and erotica in m/f, m/m and multiple partners. She blame her rebellious muse (who looks like Chris from the Paint Series) for the angst aspects snogging the lust , and the banter biting the bum of suspense. You’ll find all this and more in her books! No matter the genre, she promises different characters, dark themes, steamin’ sex, laughs and a HEA or HFN.

After papering the loo with exam certificates (which she claims are all hers) Emma tried her hand at various jobs from tropical fish farmer, pet product development scientist, and academic course writer she discovered the fun of writing steamy fiction.

When she’s not writing or beta reading/editing for a publishing company, she herds cats and sons, (occasionally a long suffering husband) and authors in the Goodsreads Review Group where she rules supreme with a rather sexy flogger.