History Of Beauty by Meraki P Lyhne :: Review

History Of Beauty by Meraki P Lyhne :: Review

Book Info

Title: History Of Beauty

Series: The Cubi

Author: Meraki P Lyhne

Publisher: Meraki Books

Published: 18 June 2019

Cover Design: Jay Asher

Length: 326 Pages

Keywords : Paranormal, Cubi, Incubus, paranormal, alternative history, erotic, coming of age, royality, fantasy,

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History Of Beauty by Meraki P Lyhne :: Review


!!!This series must be read in order!!!

Finally, the part of Elakdon’s Kingdom that his sister, Dahlidin, set up, has seen the rise of their next King–a very beautiful King, and a very young King. Full of hope, Elakdon tries to aid his young ally by sharing a story about how his own Kingdom evolved under a clash with the humans—a clash that changed the Cubi’s place in the world in its entirety. Change is upon the Cubi race again, and Elakdon needs the young King to see not only that it had happened before but that the Cubi people and the Royals can withstand great adversity because of their unity.

So, when the first chance presents itself, Elakdon brings the young Nol-Beaudon to sit around a fire to be told the story of how Nol-Elakdon, the millennia old King of the North, came to be the Incubus he is today.

History Of Beauty by Meraki P Lyhne :: Review

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Now I love The Cubi series and that’s no secret, but when the author said he was taking us back to Viking times for book six, I wondered if the book would live up to the high expectations.  Well the answer is an epic yes. 

If you have followed the series and Danial’s journey to become King of the Cubi of his regional kingdom.  You will have heard of Nol-Elakdon.  This is his story and how he became the wise king that mentors the young Nol-Beaudon.


We start with Nol-Beaudon and his people around a campfire, as Nol-Elakdon starts to tell his story.

We find out how the cubi race was forced in to hiding by the kings of the world as Christianity took hold as a new religion.   Why was Christianity a issue I hear you ask?

Its quite simple really, sex out of marriage and sex between two men or two women, not to mention multiple partners were forbidden.  The knock-on effect is that this would prevent Cubi’s feeding on humans.  Not only because of the rules of sex, but also because if Cubi’s could find willing human partners they would most likely have guilt and shame, which would cause negativity in their feeding the cubi’s.

They had to agree to hiding with the promise of having access to select humans to help them feed, and if any were found to be changelings, they would become Cubi.

All of this happens within a few months. Elakdon has to learn fast, often by mistakes, which he was man enough to admit to his people.  Like Elakdon is Nol-Beaudon’s mentor and alley.  Nol Elakdon had an Old King and Queen and his cubi father, with their wisdom to guide him through the early years.

The times were very different back then, and yet in many ways both Nol-Beaudon and Nol Elakdon are on the same journey to freedom for the Cubi people.   Which Nol-Beaudon has been setting the ground for.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it answered a few questions that came from the previous books in the series. It added even more colour and detail to the Cubi Race and it hierarchy and laws.  

I would love for the author to write bothe Nol Beaudons story and continue Nol Elakdons as a spin off.  Though I think This would be asking too much of the Author, and I am just being greedy wanting more and more of my Cubi fixes.


Author’s Bio

 Why I write?


Once upon a time ? nah, don?t worry.


I was once a member of a fan site and had never read a homoerotic fiction before. I just prowled the forum and read whatever came up. One day I stumbled upon a story about an incubus who fell in love with a guy. The story was very well written with a good plot, strong characters, and it was original. And the sex was something very new to me.


It would be years before I thought of trying out the genre for myself and it kinda happened by accident. I was playing around with the thought of twisting an old mythology I had read about, and one character stepped forward very clearly. But he was definitely into guys! So I let him evolve and wrote the first homoerotic scenes just to try my hands with it. The plot took form and I didn?t stop before I had written 500 pages, and now the story keeps unfolding. Of course it contains a lot more than sex, but that little spice is a flavor I really enjoy.

It has become the Chronicles of an Earned-series plus a few other plots that are rattling around in the back of my head, waiting for the right time to be put onto paper.