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Title: His Taken Omega (Mountain Shifters #11) Author: L.C. Davis Publisher: Self-Published Cover Artist: Wolf Conan Release Date: December 3, 2017 Length: 70 000 words/260 pages Genre/s: M/M shifter Mpreg romance His Taken Omega is a standalone story within the Mountain Shifter universe.  
His Taken Omega by L.C. Davis -- New Release and Review



Nicholas wants nothing to do with omegas, and Avery has already signed a contract binding him to another Alpha. Fate has other plans for them both. As the omega spokesman for the infamous Futurus Initiative, Avery Callahan is a controversial figure who?s used to being envied, occasionally despised and always the center of attention. His kidnapping at the hands of the twisted omega at the helm of the radical anti-Futurus group known as Epsilon shook his perfect world to the core, and Avery?s abnormally conventional parents no longer know what to do with him. In a last-ditch effort to save their son?s reputation?and his engagement to a prestigious politician?the Callahans send him to the small, idyllic pack of Southbend for some much-needed rest and recovery. When Avery arrives in Southbend, he finds the Meyer household anything but welcoming and he immediately clashes with the rakishly reluctant head of the household. Nicholas might be a brilliant lawyer with good looks and charm in abundance, but he makes no secret of the fact that Avery is persona non-grata in his pack. How is Avery supposed to heal his own wounds when an Alpha who looks at every omega with disdain makes him question everything, including his participation in the breeding program he?s devoted his life to promoting?


Nicholas has it all on the surface?rising-star status as an attorney with his own practice, a sizable inheritance and the option of going home with any omega he chooses at the end of the night?but beneath the mask of his status, he hides a secret that makes him feel unworthy of the title of Alpha. Past abuse has left him with a deep-seated revulsion towards omegas, the very class of shifter he?s supposed to crave. He uses work and meaningless flings with other Alphas and betas to distract himself from the family life he doesn?t believe he deserves, but in the wake of his estranged father?s death, Nicholas is called home to take on a role he never wanted. Forced to give up his high-profile career and take the reins of his family?s pack, Nicholas finds himself wholly unprepared to fill the shoes of the man he hated. Because fate isn?t cruel enough, the Spirits choose this moment to send him his destined mate?a charming yet infuriatingly stubborn omega he can never love or even claim. At least, that?s what he thinks until he realizes that the very traits that repel him from other omegas draw him to Avery in a way he finds as bewildering as it is intoxicating.


This is the first book in the series I have read but the book can easily be read without reading previous books.   I enjoyed the colourful characters both Avery and Nicholas as well as the secondary characters.  Great depth that tells us Why the characters are the way they are and why the react the way they do. There?s plenty of emotion and a few moments of laughter about the banter between Avery and Nicholas, which gives the story a good balance.


Both Main characters are troubled with past experiences, can they work together and be strong enough for each other?

With the declining numbers of werewolf?s, their race is divided on how to rectify the situation.  Avery a Omega is the spokesperson for infamous Futurus Initiative. Which was the reason for his recent kidnapping by an anti Futurus Imitative.  Still suffering PTSD, His parents send him another pack to recuperate, and more importantly to get him out of the limelight.


On the other side of the fence we have Alpha Nicholas A top lawyer, who has had to put his career on hold to return to his pack and step into his fathers Pack Alpha shoes.  Nicholas is not the greatest fan of the Futurus initiative.

When Avery walks into his house as a guest, Nicholas is aware of strange feelings and soon realises that Avery is his destined mate.  The only trouble is that Avery has signed a contract binding him to another alpha.  And then there is Nicholas loathing of Omega?s.  At least until he meets Avery.


Thinking he is doing the right thing for Avery and everyone concerned Nicholas keeps his distance and tries not give Avery the cold shoulder.


It is not until Nicholas faces the person from his past that sets off his need to shift, knowing he would likely be out of control he runs off into the woods and away from everyone.  But Avery follows him and is do darn stubborn that he won?t heed Nicholas warnings.  Somehow Avery has a calming effect and Nicholas avoids the shift.


This is where they really start to mean more to each other.  A little later Avery suddenly feels strange after a very stressful meeting with the same person who hurt Nicholas.   Unbeknown to Avery he is about to shift for the first time in his life.   Nicholas arrives just in time to help him through it and keep control.   But by doing so He has to bite Avery and start the mating process.


We see both characters go through their own hell and come out much stronger with each other?s love and support.

How am I just joining the series now?  I guess I have some catch up reading to do.  I thoroughly recommend this book to all paranormal shifter story lovers, and to anyone who enjoys a good romance with plenty of grit to it.


His Taken Omega by L.C. Davis -- New Release and Review


Excerpt 2


?Well,? Nicholas said, coming to a stop in the middle of the town square. ?This is the great metropolis of Southbend. What do you think?? ?I think it?s lovely,? Avery said, hesitating. ?And very, very rural.? ?It is certainly that.? Nicholas grinned. ?Should we head back? You must be tired after your trip.? ?I am,? Avery admitted, falling into step beside him. ?Guess I am here to relax.? ?That?s what I heard.? ?What else have you heard?? Nicholas wasn?t sure how to respond. Avery gave him a knowing look. ?You can be honest. You won?t hurt my feelings.? ?It?s nothing bad, if that?s what you?re thinking.? ?I guess that depends on whether you consider the public face of the Futurus Initiative having a nervous breakdown in the middle of a fundraiser to be a bad thing.? ?Everyone knows what you went through. You?re a hero. If they?d judge you for that, they?re not worth the time.? ?It?s been three months,? Avery murmured. ?Three months is barely enough time to enjoy summer break, let alone get over being kidnapped.? ?Maybe you can tell my parents that. They?re convinced I?m irreparably broken.? ?You don?t look broken to me.? Nicholas pretended to look the omega over for damage. ?Maybe a small dent right here,? he said, poking the dimple on Avery?s cheek that deepened when he smiled. ?Either way, it looks like I?m stuck here until I can convince my parents of that.? ?That makes two of us. For what it?s worth, it?ll be nice to have the company.? Another lie, but at least this one was for a worthy cause. It wasn?t Avery?s fault that an Alpha with an irrational aversion to omegas?or at least intimacy with one?had imprinted on him. Avery was there to recover, not to find a mate when he already had one. The more Nicholas reminded himself of that, the better. His aversion had kept him single into his early thirties, so surely he could manage to control the hormones and irrational impulses for the few weeks Avery would be staying with them. Once he went back, both of their problems would be solved. Avery could go back to his life as the Futurus golden boy, and Nicholas could sleep a little easier knowing that he wasn?t going to imprint on the next omega who walked into his office looking for help. In the meantime, he just had to fight the urge to commit the greatest sin of his profession: telling the truth.  



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About the Author


L.C. Davis is an MM romance author with a passion for LGBT representation.

His series include The Mountain Shifters, Queer Magick and Kingdom of Night.




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His Taken Omega by L.C. Davis -- New Release and Review


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His Taken Omega by L.C. Davis -- New Release and Review