Helter Skelter by L.M. Somerton :: Series Blitz and New Release Review

Helter Skelter by L.M. Somerton :: Series Blitz and New Release Review

Series Info

Title: Ghost Train, Merry Go Round, Helter Skelter

Series: Fairground Attractions

Author: L.M. Somerton

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Published: 13 November 2018,  26 Febrauray 2019, 30 July 2019

Length: 84 Pages, 86 Pages, 93 Pages

Keywords : Romance, BDSM, Mystery, Crime, Friendship, New Adults, Younger/Older, 

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Ghost Train – Pride Publishing |  Amazon UK |  Amazon US

Merry-Go-Round – Pride Publishing |  Amazon UK |  Amazon US

Helter Skelter – Pride Publishing |  Amazon UK  | Amazon US


Series Blurb

Zach, Stevie, Adam and Garth are four friends spending their summer break from university working at the local amusement park. A shared interest in kink brought them together though their personalities and preferences are as varied as the rides they run. The last thing they expect is to be drawn into a world where the thrills are more about danger and death than an adrenalin rush.

The stories are best read in order.

Helter Skelter by L.M. Somerton :: Series Blitz and New Release Review

Helter Skelter Blurb


Life can slide out of control when you least expect it.

Of his group of friends, Zach is the only one yet to find his kinky-ever-after. The contract killer, Harlequin, is still on the loose, Zach’s dad is ill, a result of the stress caused by knowing the family amusement park is being used as an exchange point by drug runners, and Zach is faced with problems much tougher than the mathematical equations he’s used to.

Daniel Raynott has had his eye on Zach for some time. Now that Zach is no longer in his class at the university, he can act on his instincts and give Zach the guidance he desperately needs. As a Dom, Daniel demands obedience. As a man, he falls hard for Zach’s vulnerable innocence.

A boring summer has a lot of appeal, but Zach has about as much control over events as he does a trip down the helter skelter. He finds himself in danger more than once. Will Daniel be able to protect him or will the holiday season culminate in tragedy?

Helter Skelter Review

Halter Shelter is the third book in the series, and we follow Zach as he finally gets with his former Professor.

Zach is surprised to see collage crush his former professor at Clems get together.   He soon becomes hot and flustered and jumps into the pool to hide his excitement.  Danial (His Professor) keeps a watchful eye on Zack.  When Zach gets a call saying his father has had a heart attack, he is grateful that Danial offers his help and takes control of the situation.

After Zach has visited his dad and is told there is no major alarm for his dad’s health, they head back to Danials.  Where they finally get to talk about their attraction.

It turns out Danial has had an eye on Zach all through his classes, but of course he could not make a move while he was teaching Zach.  

They are perfect for each other Zach has a innocence and needs a firm hand to guide him and ground him when things seem to be overwhelming.   And he finally has his Mr. Kinky Stubborn Professor to do just that.

And to add the ongoing mystery and suspense of the crime case, that puts them all in danger, finally seems to be a closed case when the Harlequin is arrested with the help of the boys and their Kinky Doms.  Or Is it????

The Author has consistently built the suspense and thrill of danger lurking in the shadows throughout the series, whilst letting us get to know each couple.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the series, and recommend it highly, even if you’re not into BDSM, you will still enjoy the book, as BDSM is not heavy in the stories.


Helter Skelter by L.M. Somerton :: Series Blitz and New Release Review


 From Helter Skelter

“Turn around,” Daniel said. “Bend over the bench.”

Zach stared at him. The expression he got in return was implacable.

“You can always use your safe word.”

Slowly, an internal debate raging in his mind about the wisdom of his actions, Zach did as he was told. The top of the bench cushioned his body. He shifted his feet wider apart for more stability. It felt strange to have his arms loose and dangling so he grasped the handle set in the side of the bench. He wondered if Daniel would tie him down and the thought made him grip the ring harder, palms sweating. When Daniel touched him, he gasped.

“Try to relax. We are going to take this as slow as you need. I’m not going to restrain you—you don’t even need to think about your safe word. You can just stand up and walk away if this gets too much.”

“If what gets too much, Sir?”

Daniel stroked his back, then his arse, resting his hand on the curve of his butt. “I’m going to paddle you, give you something else to think about other than your dad. The pain will focus your thoughts.” He undid Zach’s jeans then pushed them down to his thighs. “I’d prefer to do this with you naked but that might be a step too far for today.” Zach’s underwear went next, the fabric catching on his erection as Daniel rolled the cotton shorts down.

Zach trembled and his breathing sped up. He can see my arse. He’s going to spank it. Oh my God. The tip of his cock brushed the side of the spanking bench.

“Stunning.” Daniel stroked Zach’s backside. He pushed a finger between his cheeks to brush his hole and Zach’s mind blanked. “I’ll start slowly. The heat will build before it becomes painful.”

The first blow was little more than a tap. Zach sighed as Daniel built a rhythm, placing the strikes evenly on each arse cheek.

“Nice and pink now. Very pretty.”

The impact increased, creating a deep-seated ache. Zach clenched his glutes, craving more. As if sensing his need, Daniel landed a blow on the crease between arse and thigh. Zach sucked in his breath.

“Too much?”

“No, Sir. More please.” Zach lost himself in sensation as endorphins flooded his system. He humped the side of the bench, desperate for friction, and sobbed, overwhelmed by the revelation that he took pleasure from pain.

Helter Skelter by L.M. Somerton :: Series Blitz and New Release Review

  Merry-Go-Round  Blurb


Even the brightest places have shadows.

Stevie is sweet and shy—the only hint of an independent spirit comes from his lilac hair. For years he’s harboured a crush on his best friend, Adam, who is everything Stevie isn’t. The problem? When it comes to love, Adam is a bit slow on the uptake.

On top of that, Stevie fears the escaped killer known as Harlequin is targeting his friends, and clings to his role managing the merry-go-round for some semblance of normality. But someone is watching from shadows even the summer sun can’t penetrate.

Realising that life can be all too short, Adam takes steps to ensure that Stevie will be his. All his protective instincts kick in when Stevie attracts some unwanted—and very dangerous—attention, but he can’t take care of him alone. The group of friends needs to band together because the bright lights and whirling horses of the merry-go-round won’t be enough to keep Stevie alive. Some killers are far too good at hiding in plain sight.

Ghost Train by L.M. Somerton :: Review

Ghost Train  Blurb


The ride of your life could be your last

Garth’s summer job running the ghost train at the local amusement park is supposed to be a stress-free way to earn some much-needed cash. His Goth looks are a bonus as far as his boss is concerned. The sunshine is a stark contrast to the macabre, spooky scenes inside the ride, but when one of the corpses proves to be more realistic than it should be, shadows are cast on the summer.

Clem sees potential in the moody fairground assistant with spiky hair and pretty blue eyes. He can’t wait to explore Garth’s submissive nature. But Clem isn’t quite what he seems and he might be all that stands between Garth and a violent death. Earning Garth’s trust won’t be easy in a world where secrets can mean survival. 

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Author’s Bio

LM lives in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep. She started writing to fill time between jobs and is now firmly and unashamedly addicted.

She loves the English weather, especially the rain, and adores a thunderstorm. She loves good food, warm company and a crackling fire. She’s fascinated by the psychology of relationships, especially between men, and her stories contain some subtle (and some not so subtle) leanings towards BDSM.

LM is winner of the National Leather Association’s Pauline Reage Award for best novel and the 2016 and 2018 Golden Flogger Awards for best BDSM novel in the LGBT category. She has received multiple Honorable Mentions in the Rainbow Awards and won the Action and Adventure category of Divine Magazine’s Book Awards.