Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::

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Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::

Book Info

Title: Hathonatum

Series: Pelethus #1 

Author: Taylin Clavelli

Publisher: MLR Press

Published: 18 January 2020

Length: 89 000 words

Keywords : Science Fiction, Contemporary M/M, Interracial (Alien/Human),
Inter-dimensional, Reincarnation, Multi-Verse, Historical elements.

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Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::


Have you ever wondered if that little voice inside you is actually your voice?

Egypt captivates Benjamin. As an adult, he immerses himself in his chosen profession, as an archaeologist in the ancient city of Abydos. For Ben, the hieroglyphs, and paintings unlock dreams of a time long lost.

The dig Ben works on is financed by Ashari Hathonatum. For many years, the man has been looking for the one who completes him. He initially saw his heart’s match from a distance. But that was a long time ago and from an alternate universe. When Ashari encounters Ben, he wonders if he is the reincarnation of the man he saw, through another’s eyes, all those years ago. Will the secrets Ashari hides about his heritage stop their love blooming, or will others from his dimension, determined to keep Ashari from his heart’s match, rule the day?

**The story is written with British spelling/grammar. **

Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::



Hathonatum Is a mash up between Indiana Jones and The Mummy with a touch of sci/fi, fantasy.  Which makes exciting action adventure read with a rich cultural setting in Egypt.

We follow Ben a young man that has always been fascinated about Egypt’s history. 

He joins an Archaeology dig In Egypt.  Where he meets Ashari.  They soon become friends, but there is an air of mystery to Ashari.  And strange things start happening to Ben both in dreams and in life. 

Ben slowly learns that his soul has been on earth before, but that is not the biggest revelation when it turns out Ashari was kind of Bens lover way back in ancient times. 

We follow the duo as they race against time to get Ben to safety when it becomes clear someone is out to kill him. Even when Ashari takes Ben to his home planet, they are still being hunted, 

The story world is rich in Egyptian history and culture on earth.  As well as a modern paradise full of vivid greenery, and Technology that human scientists are still dreaming of inventing.like a brand-new world on Ashari’s home planet.

I really liked the way the author explained how Ashari could still be alive after all this time after Ancient Egypt.

All in all, A excellent and exciting read.  I look forward to following the series.

Rating 4.5 


Guest Post


The Sci-fi in Hathonatum

Hathonatum is a science fiction novel, whose sci-fi elements aren’t immediately noticeable. The story is set within two dimensions – Pelethus and Earth. However, the timeframe is not several hundred years in the future… it is the present day.

Originally, science fiction was not an element in the story. While I was piecing the parts I had together; my daughter was in the process of completing a master’s degree in physics. I am proud to say that she got a first. While we were talking about dimensions, the idea felt right and the more we conversed the more I realised that it was the missing piece. An alternate dimension was the glue that made the story possible. My daughter helped convert the overly scientific talk into something I was more able to understand. Even then, it was difficult.

There are many levels of alternate dimension, and in theory, infinite numbers of them. The top-level is where there is another you and me, doing exactly the same in a different world, possibly multiple times over. On a lower level, there is you and me doing completely different things. Further down, there is the scenario where you and I exist in this dimension, but not in the other. People in that dimension are entirely different, doing different things. It is this last dimension that I play with, in Hathonatum.

As far as connecting one dimension to another – to date, that has not been proven to have happened. Unless of course, one watches the Discovery Channel’s, compelling and highly entertaining, Aliens programs and believe the (not impossible) scenario that the governments are hiding more than one MOAS.

There are many theories, all of which are documented and confusing. At least I found it that way. I decided to get neither myself nor the reader bogged down in jargon that would deflect from the essentials of the story. The crux of it is that one dimension connects to another – the how isn’t as important as the why. I went for something different, but, as the other theoretical assumptions are just that – theoretical – I preferred something simpler to describe. I likened the dimensional realms to radio waves. When moving from one area to another, one invariably gets interference – cross overs between stations. However, between dimensions, the frequency isn’t as easy to find, nor are the places they cross.

Dealing with more than one dimension also allowed me to play with time. In this instance, a day in one dimension equals one year in the other. Hence, I was able to include historical elements in the story.  People from the alternate dimension will have been teenagers at the time of the ancient Egyptians and adults in the twenty-first century.

I was aiming for sci-fi that is plausible in the current century, not just a possibility hundreds of years in the future. As for the differences between the Pelethus Dimension and that of Earth – well, there are some spoilers I’m not going to give. Therefore, you’ll have to read the novel to find out.

Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::


Though Ben loved the thought of studying Seti, he was part of a small crew concentrating on Narmer (3180-3120 BC), whose tomb was located to the west of the dig, almost as far away from Seti as a tomb could get. Not much was known about the first pharaoh of the combined kingdoms, and Ben wanted to help discover something new. He wanted to shed light on a life that no one knew about—a new phenomenon to capture the imagination.

Ben had been on-site for a little over a week when he saw an intriguing man talking to Terry, his dig leader. Judging by his skin, Ben suspected the man to be local, but it was difficult to tell. Other than his face, the only other exposed part of him was his hands. The rest of him was covered with clothing designed to keep out the worst of the sand—layered, lightweight, loose, and black.

When the man locked gazes with him, Ben found himself staring into a vibrant blue sea of lapis lazuli, framed with black lashes and dark eyebrows. It wasn’t until a fellow worker walked between them that the connection was broken. When Ben sought to re-establish contact, the other had his back to him. Ben returned to his work, clearing out a trench of sand. The heat and excitement over what his group might find overshadowed any musings concerning the stranger.

At the end of the day, Ben was so tired he clambered onto the city-bound truck with as much grace as a stumbling mummy.

That night, while lounging on his bed, images of dark blue assaulted him. The event was rare for him, considering Egypt was his prime…prime everything.

Every day, the journey to the ruins was like being transported back in time. Ben could close his eyes and almost feel like he was there, in ancient Egypt. Often, he imagined he could see a partial image of the hustle and bustle of the ancient civilization continuing around him. At other times, he was in the quiet solitude of a temple. The images were odd, considering ancient Abydos was a graveyard.

From the drop-off point the next day, Ben made his way to tombs B17 and B18—the tombs attributed to Narmer. He worked there all morning with his small, square trowel and brush, slowly moving away the sands of eons.

As lunchtime approached, he relocated to the edge of the main dig and took his break. From there, he would imagine life in ancient Egypt.

Daydreaming, he chose to walk back to his station.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded. It was the warning for a sandstorm. It was similar to what his grandparents had described as the air raid warning from the war.

There was a flurry of activity while people efficiently covered artefacts and other areas of importance. Ben glanced around, noticing the storm was a lot closer than he’d originally thought. It had come out of nowhere. What crept toward the dig seemed like a moving wall of cloud, dense enough to shield the view and engulf anything below it. If it wasn’t for the cottonlike plumes of wheat colours, Ben could have believed a curtain of rain was heading his way. The screen of rapid shadow was making quick progress toward the dig, swallowing all in its path. Briefly, Ben went rigid, unable to move. When the sound of hissing reached his consciousness, and sand stung his feet and face, he dashed toward shelter. He was running a losing race.

Abruptly, he was grabbed and pulled to the floor behind a shallow wall. In a spell of activity as sleek as the sandstorm, a mask was put over his face, and his body along with that of his saviour rolled together. Over and over, they turned. Coming to a halt, and dizzy, Ben found himself cocooned, head to toe in a thick blanket. From the outside, the two of them probably resembled a fat, discarded mummy.

As Ben regained his senses, he could feel a wall to his back and secure arms around him. The only thing between them was his messenger bag containing the bottles of water he was required to keep on him to prevent dehydration in the desert sun.

Panting, he opened his eyes to a familiar sea of lazuli.


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Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli :: New Book Release :: Review :: Guest Post ::

Author’s Bio

I am proud to be British and proud to be an author of gay romance stories from varying genres. I write under the pseudonym Taylin Clavelli, not because I don’t want my real name out there, but because I think my real name is unmemorable for an author. The name came about from a night of Skype and a lot of wine.

My first published work – a comedy called Boys Toys and Carpet Fitters – came out in 2012. It was part of a Dreamspinners anthology called Don’t Do This At Home. Since then, I have produced a further two novels and five short stories, not including Hathonatum.

As well as being married for close to thirty years, and have a grown-up family, who I adore – I work part-time at a Manor Hotel, where I am also the resident historian. I am a book reviewer, too for a well-known site.

Not being a spring chicken anymore, I have a few hobbies that over the years have come, gone and resurfaced again. I am an experienced horse rider, and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I help my husband with DIY projects, upcycle as much as possible and love my garden. As for those simple things that make me stop in my tracks. The dawn chorus, baking bread, lasagne, and the scene where Shadowfax makes his screen entrance. 

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