Do You Think We Should’ve Glued It First?


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Title: Do You Think We Should’ve Glued It First?

Series: The Crazy Adventures of Cass & Star Episode I 

Author: Bobbie Rayne 

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 24 October 2018

Length: 179 pages

Keywords : gay, young adult, paranormal, coming of age, mystery,

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Cassius is the new kid in town, so when trouble shows up at his door, and his father is kidnapped, he has no one to turn to. Luckily for him, Sterling steps up and offers to help, and before they know it, they’re both thrown into a world they don’t understand with some very dangerous enemies.

The worst part is they can’t figure out what’s going on with Cassius. Soon after his dad goes missing, Cassius begins to change; he starts having weird cravings and odd behaviors. Cass and Star are unsure of the cause, but they think it’s somehow related to the guys that are after them. Things keep getting stranger and stranger with no answers anywhere in sight.

Will they be able to set their differences aside and work together to figure out what’s going on with Cassius? Will they be able to find Cassius’s father in time? What do you think Cass could be? A vampire? Werewolf? Zombie?

Join Cass and Star on their crazy adventure in Episode I: do you think we should’ve glued it first?4



I think it’s important to show all people in the characters we read and write so everyone can find a little bit of themselves in them. I am the mother of two boys, one of which likes to do things a little differently than most. A few years ago, my son started getting made fun of for the things he likes and wears, so he had started hiding who he was whenever he left our home. And it was about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

So my husband and I began encouraging him more and more to wear and do the things he likes whether he was home, at school, or anywhere else. And over time, his confidence has grown, and he’s become someone I admire because he is truly himself to the whole world no matter the consequences, and he sticks up for himself if who he is or what he does is questioned. It’s amazing.

One of the ways we tried to help him see that he’s not alone and that it’s okay to be himself is through books. We’ve shown him pictures and videos of other kids like him, too, but books have played an important role because they’re something he can discover for himself. He can take his books wherever he wants, and he can read them or look at them at any time with or without other people. They’re his to discover and get lost in or to share with anyone he wants. And I love that he has that. The books are always there if he needs to remind himself that he’s not alone or even if he just wants to read something he can connect with.

This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to start writing young adult books.

I started my writing career by publishing adult MM romance (under another name), but I think it’s important to have LGBTQ+ representation in fiction books for all ages, so I’m extremely happy that I’ve begun writing for a younger audience as well as adults.

My hope is that these books, whether they’re the silly ones I release (like Cass & Star) or more serious ones I plan on releasing, can bring a little comfort to even one young person, and maybe even make another more accepting of those that are unlike themselves.



I pull out my phone and quickly put it on silent, then hold it up to show him to do the same thing. He nods and fixes his phone, and I type out a text to my dad to let him know there are strangers in the school and that I’m pretty sure it’s the guys after Cass.

My dad texts back almost immediately.

Dad: Stay hidden. I’m sending a car over. I’ll be there as soon as I can, but I’m at least thirty minutes away. I’m calling the school.

Of course, my dad has to be on the outskirts of his region right now. I hold up my phone in front of Cass’s face to show him. He nods at me and blows out a breath that brushes across my face. I blink from it as we both sit down, then I notice him staring at me. His blue eyes search my green ones for a long moment. I can’t help but think about how the color of his eyes is the same color as the ocean. They’re kind of pretty, even. Which is weird because it’s Cassius, but yeah, his eyes are pretty.

The intensity behind his gaze almost makes me want to hide, but at the same time, it makes me want to move closer to him. But why? Why do I want to be closer to him? He’s sitting as close as he possibly can without climbing into my lap already. Oh no. No. Thinking about him climbing into my lap makes my cheeks flush red-hot. I have to shift my body a little to make my pants more comfortable again. Why is my body reacting like this? I’ve never had this problem before, not really. Have I really been so desperate for a friend that even my body likes him?

His brow furrows and he whispers, “You okay?”

Oh no, just shoot me now. I nod. Yep, I’m fine. Completely fine.

He reaches over and puts his hand on my shoulder and squeezes as he whispers, “It’ll be okay.”

I nod again and swallow around the lump in my throat. I don’t know if I’m scared about the guys that are after him or if I’m nervous because Cassius’s hand on my shoulder is sending a weird tingling sensation down my arm… and I like it.



Sterling’s staring at me with a weird look on his face, and I don’t know what it means. I drop my hand from his shoulder and his eyes flutter shut for a few seconds before he looks at me again with a different emotion in his green eyes, but one that I still don’t understand. We hear more footsteps before I can ask him what he’s thinking about. I scoot a little closer to him, and his eyes widen. Someone pushes through the stairwell doors and stops.

“No, sir,” a deep voice says before pausing, probably on the phone. “Got it.” The man’s footsteps go up the stairs, right over our heads.

Once we hear the doors upstairs close, I blow out a breath, and Star’s shoulders sag in relief. I nod at him, then scoot around so I’m beside him instead of in front of him. I make sure to keep him on the inside against the wall so if we’re found, I can jump in front of him. The stairway is really wide, so there’s plenty of room, but I unconsciously move closer to him so my entire body is pressed against his side. We both still have our bookbags on our backs, and I leave mine there so I can lean against it in case we need to make a run for it or something.

After a couple of minutes, Star whispers, “How much of a nerd do you think I am?”

“What? What are you talking about?” Why would I think he’s a nerd?

“Because I don’t like to drive.” His voice is quiet and unsure. 

“You seriously think I care about that?” I nudge him with my shoulder. “That just means that I get to drive whenever we hang out. I like driving.” I grin at him.

He looks at me for a few long seconds before nudging me back with a small smile and muttering, “Thanks.”

I just smile at him. I kinda love being stuck next to him like this despite the reason we’re here. At least it gives me a reason to squish up against him.



Author’s Bio

Bobbie Rayne grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and still lives there today. She’s married to her very patient husband, and they have two amazing sons together, as well as two crazy dogs. She spends her time writing, driving her kids all over town, and helping run the PTA.

Her children are one of the reasons she loves YA so much, and one reason why she thinks it’s important to bring LGBTQ+ main characters into fiction. Writing YA has always been a dream of hers, and she truly believes that writing it is good for her soul. Her family means the world to her, but coffee might be high up on that list, too, so if you bring her some, you just might end up with a new best friend.

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