Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::
Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::

Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author’s Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::

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Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::

Book Info

Title: Gingerbread Mistletoe

Series: Lighthouse Bay #2

Author: Amy Aislin

Publisher: Amy Aslin

Published: 17 November 2020

Length: 62,000 words

Keywords: Contemporary, m/m holiday, romance, Enemies to lovers, small town, forced proximity,

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Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::


The last thing Jeff wants is to spend time with the man who totaled his car—the one he spent years restoring with his late father. But if he wants to resurrect his childhood town’s annual outdoor hockey tournament, he’s got no choice.

The last thing Mika wants is to work with the guy who took off right after the accident, without ensuring he was okay. And working together on organizing Jeff’s proposed tournament sounds like a complete nightmare. He’s got enough on his plate after surviving cancer.

Sparks fly as they’re forced to work together, but is that enough for them to set their differences aside and pull off the tournament in only two weeks? Or will they prove to be immune to the magic of Christmas?

Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::

Guest Post

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the release of my newest m/m romance, Gingerbread Mistletoe, the second book in my Lighthouse Bay series. If you like holiday novels set in a wintery small town and enemies to lovers romances with a sprinkling of Christmas magic, be sure to check it out.

MM Midnight Cafe has allowed me to briefly take over the blog today, and I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt. Check it out below!


[Context: Jeff is trying to convince Mika that they should add a charity hockey tournament to the town’s Christmas festivities.]

Leaning back against the wall of the café, Mika propped the flat of one foot against it. “I can’t just give you free rein on this. It’d be like giving a tourist a key to the city, so to speak.” His little button nose wrinkled, gaze straying to the street where shoppers passed by on the sidewalk, oblivious to Mika and Jeff standing in the alley only two feet away.

“I’ll keep you up to date on everything,” Jeff offered, smelling victory, and it was oh-so-sweet. “And I’ll need your input on certain things anyway. Like what you think we should charge for tickets and registration.”

Sighing, Mika thunked his head back against the wall. Jeff winced in sympathy.

“You did build an organization from the ground up,” Mika muttered, to himself it seemed. “Guess planning a little hockey tournament is peanuts compared to that.”

“I didn’t build Sport U to be the number one sports apparel and equipment company by slacking on the details.” A small-town hockey tournament was less than peanuts in comparison, but it was no less important.

“I almost planned my own wedding once,” Mika said. “It’s basically the same thing.”

Jeff stared at him for a moment, the spark in Mika’s gaze and the upward tilt to his mouth registering in the brief second before a smile burst over Jeff’s face. “Basically, huh? So about the same as fruitcake and a Christmas turkey?”

Mika chuckled. “Or like eggnog and apple cider.”

“Santa and his elves?”

“Gingerbread and mistletoe.”

They stood smiling at each other, something indecipherable floating in the air between them while laughter and conversation drifted into the alley. Whatever it was settled between Jeff’s ribs, new and wonderful and a little bit scary.

Clearing his throat, Mika straightened. “Okay.”

Okay? As in . . . okay? Jeff banked the urge to fist pump as excitement threaded through him. “Can we meet soon to go over some details? Not today, I know,” he added when Mika opened his mouth, no doubt to protest. “Tomorrow morning? Tiny’s Panini? I’ll buy you brunch.”

But Mika was already shaking his head. “Tiny’s is always packed for brunch on Sundays. Everyone and their pet rabbits head there after church.”

Pet rabbits?

“And the pub will be equally as packed so that’s out too. Why don’t—”

“Come over then,” Jeff interrupted without thinking. “I’ll feed you. D’you like french toast?”

Mika pursed his lips. “There better be real maple syrup. If you serve me that fake glop, the tournament’s off.”

Laughter erupted from Jeff’s chest. Mika might’ve been a prickly thing, but the mouth on him was entertaining as hell. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“I gotta get back to work,” Mika said, straightening off the wall. “I’ll see you about ten-ish.”

“Ah, one thing. Don’t suppose you’ve got an extra laptop I can borrow? Mine crashed after I arrived.”

“There’s an electronics store in Biddeford you can get it fixed at.”

“Yeah,” Jeff said slowly, drawing the word out. “Except my car’s in your garage and I don’t know when I’ll get it back.”

“Call John at the garage,” Mika suggested like the answer was obvious.

“Can’t. My phone’s broken.”

Mika stared at him for a moment. One blink. Two. And then he was laughing, head thrown back, long neck exposed, nose scrunched in an adorable way that made Jeff want to kiss it. “You’re literally trapped in this town,” Mika managed through guffaws.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.”

That just made Mika laugh some more, drawing Jeff’s gaze to his face. This wasn’t the cold, plastic smile Jeff had been greeted with earlier. This was pure enjoyment. At Jeff’s expense, yes, but the way it transformed Mika’s face into soft lines? The way it made him more approachable? The way it crinkled his eyes and formed laugh lines at the corners? It took the physical attraction Jeff didn’t want to feel and morphed it into something that had the potential to become something deeper.

Wheeling his dolly out of the alley, Mika waved over his shoulder. “See you tomorrow, Bellmoor.”

So that was a no on the laptop then.

Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::


Standing, he held a hand out to the man who was so much his type it was almost laughable. Three or four inches taller than Mika’s own five-ten height, dark brown hair that shone red under the warehouse’s lights, like the deepest shade of mahogany, with charcoal-gray at the temples and above his ears, and lines that fanned out from narrow eyes a dark shade of blue. A high forehead in a heart-shaped face and the physique of a footballer completed the package.

All of that wouldn’t have been a big deal on its own, but the way he held himself with the cool confidence of someone who knew his place in the world?

Yowza. Talk about Mika’s type wrapped in a black wool coat and a stubbled jaw more gray than brown. He’d have been giving Jeff his number if the guy wasn’t scowling at him.

Wait, that scowl . . .

Jeff stared at his outstretched hand. “No.”

“Uh.” Rearing back, Mika dropped his arm back to his side. “Excuse me?”

Zach crept up behind him, gaze swinging from Mika to Jeff. “What’s wrong?”

Jeff waved a hand at Mika. “This is the guy you want me to work with?” He put special emphasis on this, as though Mika were a criminal who’d steal his wallet when he wasn’t looking. Straightening his spine, Mika planted his hands on his hips.

Zach blinked once. “Yes?”

Holland Stone—Zach’s boyfriend and Mika’s ex—approached from where he’d been working on his float for the parade, clad in a dusty T-shirt and even dustier jeans. He squinted at Jeff before turning to Zach and Mika. “You two okay?” He held a hammer in one hand like he meant to wield it. Not that he ever would, but the image would’ve made Mika chuckle had he not been so confused.

And frankly? Kind of hurt. What the hell had he ever done to this guy?

“I can’t work with him.” There was no give in Jeff’s tone.

“Why not?” Zach stepped in close to Mika, butting in against his left side. “Mika’s the best.”

Aw. The ire in Mika’s chest faded a little at Zach’s words. It was nice of him to say, especially since Mika had made the worst of first impressions on him last Christmas.

The amount of disgust in Jeff’s scoff would’ve been impressive had it not been directed at Mika. “I’m not working with the guy who totaled my dad’s car.”

Mika’s head jerked back. “What?”

Zach and Holland swung their gazes his way.

“I didn’t!” Taking a step back, he raised both hands. “I’ve never totaled anybody’s car in my life.”

“Oh no?” Jeff argued, raising both eyebrows, and god, the sarcasm. “Not even a turquoise 1956 Chevy Nomad near the Bluffs in Pacific Palisades? About this time last year? Ring any bells?”

That was where Mika knew this guy from! Jesus, he was still holding a grudge? “Okay, first of all, I apologized, like, seven times. Second, I gave you my number. It’s not my problem that you didn’t call. Like I said—I would’ve paid to get it fixed. And third.” Leaning over the desk, he narrowed his eyes on a squinty-eyed Jeff Bellmoor. “Totaled?”

Jeff winced. “Fine. That’s maybe the wrong word.” Uttered so begrudgingly, it was a miracle he managed to say the words at all. “But like I said—it’s not about the damage.”

A huff of exasperation escaped Mika and he threw his hands up. “I don’t know what that means.” He hadn’t known then either.

“Never mind.” Rubbing his forehead, Jeff turned away. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::


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Gingerbread Mistletoe by Amy Aislin :: Lighthouse Bay #2 :: Author's Guest Post :: Release Blitz ::

Author’s Bio

Amy’s lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she’s read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess. Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she’s been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn’t at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada’s largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group, Amy Aislin’s Readers, to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her infrequent newsletter.