Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :

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Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :

Book Info

Title: Far Away 

Author: Bryan T. Clark

Publisher: Cornbread Publishing Inc

Published: 1 May 2020

Cover Design: Karrie Jax

Length: 10,548 words

Keywords : mm, romance, gay, coming out, coming of age, hurt to comfort, Hope and healing, instant attraction, opposites attract, second chances, summer love, first love, summer romance, commitment phobe, self-discovery, sweet with heat, New York, Greece, Bad boy, Greek Island

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Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :


First love can save you … and ruin you …

Eighteen-year-old Noah Rothenberg spent the perfect summer with his first love, the charming and seductive Spiro. He fell head over heels in love from what started as a clumsy crush.

But that was twelve years ago. His relationships since have been spectacular failures because of how things ended with Spiro. If he has any hope of moving forward, he needs to find Spiro and get some closure … even if he has to fly halfway around the world to do it. Too bad he instead finds himself falling—again—for the man who ruined him for all other men.

Love isn’t an emotion Spiro Papadopoulos entirely trusts anymore. He’s far too pragmatic for that. His focus these days has to be on his art and caring for his ailing mother. Being with Noah again is easy and feels so right … but is it love? Spiro isn’t sure. Besides, with his entire life being tied to Greece and Noah’s to New York, love might just be a luxury neither of them can afford.

Can Spiro and Noah overcome the oceans and years between them—or will their second chance at love end as badly as their first?

Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :



Wow this book deals with so many issues, just look at the key words in the book info section.  But do not fear of being overwhelmed. Bryan has done an excellent job of weaving the many threads together, so much so when I looked at the keyword list, I sat and thought oh yeah it did cover this and that.

The Main focus in the first half of the book is Noah’s coming of age and his first love.  Which all start at the family’s Summer house.  As his taxi along the drive to the house, he notices a young man and is instantly intrigued.  Noah has lived in the shadows of his parents, who are too busy to spend any quality time with him.  He is very lonely, and a little uncertain of life.

That is until he meets Spiro the young man that was walking along the drive, who is living with his uncle, the caretaker of the summer house.

Spiro is everything that Noah is not, he is confident, experienced and a bit of a bad boy image.  Which not only attracts Noah but also brings Noah out of his comfort zone.

They soon become more than friends and start making out, and everything is going well…..

Until a friend of Noah spots Noah and Spiro naked in the boathouse and tells on them. The next day Spiro and his Uncle are nowhere to be seen and Noah soon realises that they have left the estate.  Leaving Noah broken hearted.

Skip 12 years and Noah has still no got over his first love.  And he is encouraged by his house mate to take a trip to Greece Spiro’s home country in search of him.

Having unsuccessfully searched the island where Spiro is from, he is almost ready to give up and fly back to New York, when he accidently spots Spiro in the street.  Spiro is pleased to see Noah, but will he want to rekindle their love, or is Spiro Married with Children.

The two men spend as much time as possible catching up and getting to know each other once more, but the chemistry is still as strong as the summer 12 years ago.  Each man is unsure of the other intentions at first, but it soon becomes clear that the two are destined to be together.

But they live at the other sides of the world and things look doomed to fail, Spiro can’t leave the island as his sick mother and family rely on him to support them.

And at first Noah is not willing to completely cut ties with his parents and New York.   But he also grows fond of Spiros family, and even admires how they work as one to support each other.  Sometimes family is not connected by blood.  He could have a new family who accept him as he is if he moved to the island.

This is the second book I have read from Bryan.  I read Escaping Camp Roosevelt last year. It was my favorite read of 2019.  And I am so pleased and blown away with this book.  Bryan is a master storyteller, that builds characters that are true to themselves. I loved Noah’s innocence and Spiro cheeky bad boy image at the start of the book. The chemistry can be felt between both young men from the start. 

You really feel and understand each character’s feelings and actions through out the book.  You will feel heartache, hopelessness, and guilt.  You will also feel hopefulness, love and happiness.

The message I take from this story is that there is always hope and you should go for what you want. Do not make up excuses and waste 12 years. Grab life by the horns and go for it!

Bryan T. Clark has earned his place on my one click reads.  Now I just need to find the time to read his other books that sit on my phone waiting to be read.

Review Rating 5

Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :

Exclusive Excerpt

FAR AWAY by Bryan T. Clark

“It’s been…” Spiro’s brows arched. “Twelve years. No?”

“Yes.” Noah nodded. “It has been.”

“A long time.” Spiro grinned as his penetrating stare revealed his own disbelief that this was real.

In a single look, Spiro managed to melt the absent years away. Noah found himself suddenly that nervous kid again: eighteen years old and full of questions and doubts that this could be for real. His breath caught, trapping his question in his throat. He’d never forgotten that conversation they had in the woods, the day Spiro asked him if he planned on getting married. It was a bizarre conversation where Spiro talked about boys being boys until they got married.

He had to know. “Um, so… are you married or anything like that?” Instead of looking at Spiro, he stared up at a flock of seagulls flying low toward them. A flock of seagulls possibly shitting all over him was a better option than looking at Spiro if he said yes.

If Spiro said yes, Noah decided he would throw himself off the pier and plunge into the ocean, never to be seen again.

“Huh, me? Nooo!” Spiro waved the notion off. He hung his head for a second before looking at Noah. “And you?”

“Nooo!” Okay, this is good. I’m on first base. This was viable.

“How is this not possible?” Spiro smiled into Noah’s eyes.

Noah’s lips unconsciously parted, seeing that Spiro still possessed that beautiful smile, that sexy grin that rose more on the left side. “What do you mean?” Noah’s heart drummed out of control. He was madly in love with this man.

“You’re handsome. Girls should love you. No?”

“Well, I’m gay, I mean, still gay.” Nervous laughter escaped him as he said the word, as if he was coming out. “I haven’t dated anyone for a while.” Noah counted the months in his head.

Spiro shrugged. “Okay, then… men should love you.” A fragile smile crept across Spiro’s face before he looked down at the water.

The sudden silence was almost awkward, if not for a chance for Noah to breathe. The sound of his breathing, the squawk of the seagulls flying overhead, filled the space as Noah reminisced about their summer.

Spiro looked up and ended the silence. “Where are you staying?”

“At the Blue Oceania Seaside Resort,” he murmured.

“Oh. This is the best hotel on the island. Very nice! My good friend is the chef in the restaurant.”

“My bungalow has this great ocean view.” Noah held back that he had to dip into his savings to afford this trip, and had picked the room, knowing how romantic it would be once he found him.

“Do you live here? I mean, in Myrina?” Noah asked.

“No. We live in Katalako, about eighteen kilometers from here.”

Noah caught the we in his sentence. “What… that’s about eleven miles away?” He’d spent the last eight hours on the back of a moped, combing the entire island with a crazy Frenchman, and Spiro lived eleven freaking miles from here.

Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :


“Good morning, Mr. Rothenberg.” Eros put a hand on his knee to steady himself as he stood. Aloof in the shadows, Spiro held his gaze on him. Noah couldn’t look away as Spiro’s eyes washed over him from head to toe. Were they brown or green? Afraid he’d stared too long, he broke eye contact, his eyes sweeping past the visitor’s long dark sideburns that cupped his ears.

“Sorry to disturb you.” Noah’s voice cracked. He cleared his throat and tried to put on a cool and collected face, not wanting to seem like the dork that he was. “I was hoping you could help this morning with the rowboat.” His thumb pointed to the boathouse, but his eyes remained on Spiro. Face-to-face, Eros’s nephew was… beautiful. A statue of beauty.

Noah tried to look away but couldn’t. Yes, Spiro was a hair taller than he. His square jawline, straight nose, and jade eyes rimmed in gold were mesmerizing. Noah’s heart sped as he broke eye contact. Excitement swirled in his gut at the proximity of this Adonis.

“Sure.” Eros tossed his hammer into his box of tools. Noah’s eyes followed Eros as Eros turned and spoke to his nephew.

Noah’s eyes drifted to Spiro’s bow-shaped lips before moving up to his eyes. Their eyes met, causing Noah’s heart to skip a beat. Noah had no idea what he saw in those cat eyes that were staring intensely back at him and caused his heart to flutter. It wasn’t disdain, dominance, or dismissal, the usual looks his peers gave him upon meeting him for the first time. It was… he’s really looking at me.

Everything about Spiro enthralled him. No longer wishing away the next two months before he could escape to Harvard, he was cautiously excited about the summer.

“Hi, I’m Noah.” He felt the heat of a blush on his cheeks as he extended his hand. Spiro looked directly at him; his deep stare instantly pinned Noah. His dark locks of hair, jet black, ran the length of his neck and curled at the nape of his neck. Noah tried to release a breath quietly. Adrenaline pumped through his veins like the multiple streams that fed into Lake Winnipesaukee. He’d never acted this boldly when it came to meeting someone. The way Spiro looked at him gave him the boost of confidence that he could actually stand here and talk to him. This was a first, and it surprised him.

Spiro shook Noah’s hand. “Um, my English is not so good. My name is Spiro.” A deep voice cast from his full lips. Spiro saying his own name sounded more exotic than when Noah’s grandmother said it.

Geeze Louise, his teeth are perfect, too. They’re so freaking white. Noah stumbled over his own words as he searched for something to say. Spiro’s gaze kept Noah from looking for more than a second before lowering his head. 

Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :

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Far Away by Bryan T. Clark :: Release : Review : Exclusive :

Author’s Bio

Bryan T. Clark is a multi-published award-winning author of gay romance, and contemporary books.

In his early in life, Bryan learned that he was different from everyone else in his world. As a young African American boy, he was the second to the youngest of seven children. Long before hormones kicked in and the realization of same sex attraction, it was his light skin and blond hair that made him different from those around him. Teased within his own race for being lighter than everyone else, the kids on the playground called him “Cornbread”.

As a writer, Bryan has taken back the power once given up to those schoolyard bullies. He is committed to bringing his readers stories of real life, with multicultural characters, riveting plots, and where the underdog always wins. He is the founder of Cornbread Publishing: the name empowers him and is a constant reminder that life can have a Happily-Ever-After.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bryan and his husband of thirty-six years has made their home and life in the Central Valley of California.