Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::

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Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::

Book Info

Title: Fade To Blank

Series: London Lies #1

Author: C. F. White

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 27 July 2020

Cover Design: Rhys Everly-Lawless

Length: 78,000 words, 280 pages

Keywords : Contemporary M/M Romantic Suspense, Slow burn,
hurt/comfort, Enemies to lovers, Revenge, Secrets, Mystery,

Author’s Note: Book 2 is coming later in the year. Book 1 ends on a HFN for the couple.

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Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::


A celebrity accused of murder. A writer needing his big break. The lies that tie them together.

Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, vilified celebrity Jackson Young enlists the help of a rookie journalist to clear his name and write his biography.

Jackson has a secret though. One he must keep from becoming public. But Fletcher’s dreamy green eyes, Irish drawl and effortless charm makes it hard to suppress those long-buried feelings, even if it could compromise his innocence.

Uncovering the murky past behind Jackson’s rise to fame, Fletcher grows closer to a man he’d once declared as talentless, and their intense attraction starts to affect not only his professional integrity but the life he’d made since moving to London.

Falling for the subject of his book could be fatal for Fletcher, and Jackson should know better than to trust a journalist.

Fade to Blank is the first book in the London Lies trilogy set in 1999, and is a slow burn, enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort romantic suspense.

Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::


Fletcher drew troubled eyebrows in. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Okay? Okay?” Jackson breathed out a laugh that was more a release of pent up anguish. He’d always been taught to laugh in the face of adversity. He hadn’t been able to do much of that lately. Any flicker of amusement seeping out when in Flaymore would only have been captured by an inmate wanting a name for himself and used against him in the media. He rubbed his stinging eyes. “My girlfriend is dead. Someone strangled her whilst I was passed out in the other room. The world thinks I did it. I’ve spent six months inside because I wasn’t granted bail. This morning I wasn’t told that I was free because they believed I didn’t do it. They just couldn’t prove that I did. I can’t quite see how I would be okay after all that. Do you?”

Perhaps that was too blunt. Too much, too soon? Perhaps all this seeking the truth was coming across more selfish than he’d anticipated. It was. But the world was pointing at him. So he needed to prove his innocence to force people to look at who might have killed her, instead of allowing them to tie the noose around his neck.

And on that thought, his heart almost stopped. So the desperation kicked in. “I need you. Your help.”

Fletcher softened before him. “Okay,” he said. “Go on. Why would I, the fella you tried to knock out due to one bad review, want to write another article about you?”

“I want more than an article. And you’ll have a ready and waiting readership for this. It’ll rocket you to a fortune you never knew existed.”

“Wind your neck in, lad, that’s a touch arrogant there.”

“Arrogance doesn’t equal guilt.” Jackson leapt up from leaning against his bike, new found energy resumed. “Nor does it equal untalented.”

Fletcher glanced away, flicking his gaze back just as quick. “What are you talking here, then? A featured piece?”

Jackson forced a smile. “A full exposé of Jackson Young and why he isn’t the man he’s been depicted as in the media of late.”

“So this is all about you? Not… Tallulah?”

Jackson sucked in a breath at her name. It still stabbed at his heart, strangled his chest, erupted bile into his throat. He wondered if it would ever stop.

Scrubbing fingers across his perspiring forehead, Jackson had to find the right way to explain what he needed. What he had to do before it was too late and this was all hidden under the carpet as so many of the lies and manipulations already had been. He wasn’t sure how far he should go. How much he should admit he knew. There was the whole story. And there was his story.

“I was arrested for something I didn’t do,” he settled on. “I’ve been painted in the media as a monster. Pretty much all my friends and family have abandoned me because they believe people like you.”

“People like me?”

“People with the ability to write words and print them for the public to read, to believe and to act upon.”

“I never wrote about what happened to her. I’ve avoided talking about you, or her, since.”

“I know. Now I want you to.”

Jackson waited for the faint glimmer of understanding to work its way across Fletcher’s face. He had to know this would be the ultimate scoop for him. A writer, a journalist, a gossip columnist…whatever the man claimed to be, if he took this opportunity he could retire.

“I don’t write news. I write…gossip.” It sounded a lot like he hated to say that word, and his gaze blinked away from Jackson toward the glass frontage of London Lights HQ.

“I don’t want you to write for a paper. I don’t want this to be news, or gossip. This is the truth. My truth.”

“I’m not sure my editor will buy into it.” Fletcher sighed. “And if she did, she’d pass it onto the more seasoned journalists.”

“I don’t want your editor. I don’t want this in your poxy magazine.” Jackson spat the word, nodding toward the office block in contempt. He wanted nothing to do with any of that. Especially not London Lights. “This has got to be independent.”

“I don’t understand. I thought you wanted an exposé?”

Jackson stepped forward, a hair’s breadth from Fletcher, so close he could taste the man’s coffee breath. “Ever want to write something different? Something good. Something that could make a name for yourself away from the trash rags? Don’t you want to see your name on a shelf?”

“What type of shelf?”

“A book shelf. I want you to write my biography. So if you ever wanted your fortune handed on a plate, Fletcher Doherty…” Jackson held out his arms. “It’s here.”


Motivations behind London Lies

Thanks so much to MM Midnight Café for allowing me on the blog today to talk about my latest release, Fade to Blank (London Lies #1). Today, I’ll be talking all about the motivation and inspiration behind the book and series as a whole.

London Lies came to me probably about three years ago. It usually takes me that long to really digest an idea, percolate it and produce it. Normally it starts with an idea. Plot or character. And in this case, it was a high-profile celebrity being accused of murder.

I’d been watching quite a few real crime dramas on Netflix and those programmes like Staircase, OJ Simpson, and Aaron Hernandez probably all had a part to play in this story. They were all about high profile celebrities in different aspects—a writer, sportsmen etc—who had been accused of serious crimes, including murder. It was the fascination behind how the media responded to those cases that inspired the London Lies books.

Jackson Young, the main MC in London Lies, was a child star who then became one of the highest paid and most loved television personalities in Britain. I wanted to write his story – his rise to fame and how that affected him but also adding the torment of having been accused of a murder he didn’t commit and how that speculation would cause his demise. How would he try to claim his innocence, who would he turn to and who would believe him? He doesn’t get a trial, because the lack of evidence for or against him. So his trial is in the media only.

Everyone knows how the British media and our tabloids in particular can make or break a person. You only have to look at recent events to know that’s still the case. But this series is set in 1999, the height of that celebrity counter-culture and when the media held them in the palm of their hands. Online media had only just started to make an impact, so celebrity voices were only heard through the media and not via the platforms they have today. It was interesting to write how Jackson, at the height of his career, was suddenly thrust into not having a voice at all – he’s unable to declare his innocence because the media have already declared him guilty. So I had to give him someone who would listen to him.

Fletcher Doherty is a rookie writer. He’s at the bottom of the ladder in his career. He writes celebrity gossip. Much of how he feels at the beginning of the book was inspired by my own early career. I used to work in television, bottom rung of the ladder and clawing to get up it. After several jobs in various programmes and productions, my love for it diminished. You need to be a certain person to be in that world. Sadly, I wasn’t it. Neither is Fletcher. He’s a writer, yes, but he’s itching to find that one story that he can sink his teeth into and make a difference. Jackson Young’s story is that very career-defining opportunity for him.

But let’s not forget that this is an MM romance too. It’s a slow burn as the two MCs try to establish whether they like each other, trust each other, and are willing to give up certain things in order to get through this together. It’s a three book series, so they’ll be ups and downs along the way! And the motivations behind their relationship is always, for me, found in music.

I always create playlists for my books. I’ll then listen to them on repeat, or when I need that extra motivation. I’ll start with a few songs that I feel open the story, then move onto songs that establish the characters, then I’ll find those songs that reflect their relationship. I devise these on Spotify, so if you are interested then head on over and have a listen! You might get an insight into the next two books in the series. 😉





Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::


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Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::

Author’s Bio

Brought up in a relatively small town in Hertfordshire, C F White managed to do what most other residents try to do and fail—leave.

Studying at a West London university, she realised there was a whole city out there waiting to be discovered, so, much like Dick Whittington before her, she never made it back home and still endlessly search for the streets paved with gold, slowly coming to the realisation they’re mostly paved with chewing gum. And the odd bit of graffiti. And those little circles of yellow spray paint where the council point out the pot holes to someone who is supposedly meant to fix them instead of staring at them vacantly whilst holding a polystyrene cup of watered-down coffee.

She eventually moved West to East along that vast District Line and settled for pie and mash, cockles and winkles and a bit of Knees Up Mother Brown to live in the East End of London; securing a job and creating a life, a home and a family.

After her second son was born with a rare disability, C F White’s life changed and brought pen back to paper having written stories as a child but never the confidence to show them to the world. Now, having embarked on this writing journey, she can’t stop. So strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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Fade to Blank (London Lies) by C F White :: Release Blitz & Guest Post ::