Enrai by Jet Lupin :: New Release :: Review

Enrai by Jet Lupin :: New Release :: Review

Book Info

Title: Enri

Series: A Blood Sealed Novel

Author: Jet Lupin

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 8 Fabrurary 2019

Length: 54,000 words 155 pages.

Keywords : Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Vampires

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Phil has a problem.

It’s not his job or the fact that his maybe boyfriend, Shige, is a vampire. He’s a sensitive– an ability he’s had since he was small that lets him peek into people’s minds— and it’s gotten out of control. He can’t turn it on and off like he used to. He needs help, and he must fly to the other side of the world to get it. The catch? Shige’s the only one who can take him there, but things with him haven’t been great. Their relationship is in tatters, and he doesn’t know how to fix it or if it’s even up to him. This is so not what he needs right now.

But Phil’s not the only one with issues. Shige’s got a territory to maintain and a mystery to solve all while worrying about Phil. He takes all this in stride, but when things take a turn for the worst, can he get them both home in one piece?


The start of the book is a few months after Nasu, And while we soon catch up with the time between the two books.  I kind of wish the book continued immediately from book one.  But this does not spoil the story or make it difficult to understand,  As long as you have read book one, your going to love book two.

Phil and Shige relationship hangs in balance, neither one sure how to move forward.  Shige is feeling deep guilt and Phil must decide if his trust in Shige can be rebuilt.   On top of this Phil is struggling with his new super natural powers as a Sensitive and his in ability to turn off or tune out of other people’s thoughts.  He agrees to see an old friend of Shige’s in japan who can help him channel his powers.

So, whilst Shige travels to Tokyo on business he takes Phil to see his friend.  The separation does not seem to help them mend bridges.  But the training Phil receives does allow him to control and channel his new powers.   I enjoyed the way the author describes and shows us the struggles Phil is living through.   I think his training also helps him see things differently especially the stories he hears about Shige.   Phil also learns more about Shige’s operations, not so much in details but in the depth and size of the who organization.

But all is not good, we have a bratty and jealous Kowen who has been in love with Shige for years and is determined to force Phil out of the line of Shige’s sight.   

And there is some one out to get Shige and his team. I get the feeling something big is going to happen in book three.

The story as with Nasu has a great story world and distinctive characters.  You are drawn in pretty much from the first page, into another country of Japan, which brings a fresh feeling to the story, As most Paranormal story’s seem to stem from east to west.

Once the author hooks us, she leads us through a colorful and exciting paranormal thriller. My one little issue with the series is that I want more words, pages and books.   The author has truly built on the sturdy foundations of Nasu and I get the feeling we are in for many more surprises and expansion of the Blood Sealed world and the characters that live within it.


From Chapter 1


“Earth to Phil!”

Phil blinked at the sudden snap inches from his nose. He shook himself as the world rushed up to meet him. He’d been adrift in a sea of consciousness surrounding them. There were 30 other people in this restaurant, and at any given time, Phil heard the thoughts of the closest 15 or so, everything from the mundane to the raunchy. None of it was his business, but his instinct was to latch onto every granule of information as he noticed it. Giving in was very easy and verysatisfying.

Sorry. I’m here.” But he hadn’t been. Thoughts continued to float in and out of his mind, not all of them his own. Today was particularly bad. It kept getting harder to focus on the things he needed to live his life.

Before, he needed to concentrate to hear other people’s minds, like eavesdropping. Now it was like everyone spontaneously broke into fits of reciting their inner monologues. There was no way to tell when it would start, but nine times out of ten, it was when he needed all his mental faculties.

He’d taken more breaks at work than what his job owed him, just to get away from the noise. People had started to notice. He’d been lucky enough not to hurt anyone yet, but it was only a matter of time.

“You sure?” Jerome said with no small amount of skepticism threading through his words. “You’re a little spacey.”

“I got distracted by a work thing, but I heard every word.”

Jerome cut his eyes at him. “What’s the last thing I said?” He smirked.

“You asked how things are with Shige.”

Jerome sucked his teeth. “Lucky guess.”

The question from his brain reached Phil before Jerome put it into words. It got mixed in the deluge of their fellow diners’ minds, but he remembered because it concerned him directly and hadn’t been about the food. He focused on Jerome, and the feedback lowered to a dull hum, blending with the audible background noise of the restaurant.

“So you got an answer for me? Hurry up, while it’s just us.”

“We’re good. Why would I go on this trip with him if we weren’t getting along?”

The short answer was what Phil told him; things between him and Shige were fine. The truth, as always, was more complex. He didn’t know what they were or where they stood.


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Author’s Bio

 Stories longing to have words put to them were in Jet’s heart from an early age. Jet enjoys exploring the connections and similarities between people whether they be shifters, vampires, or aliens, rendering the unknowable very knowable indeed. 

Jet’s days are spent toiling away at a keyboard, slumped over a pen and paper hunting for those words, or playing around on twitter with a partner, and two rambunctious cats for company in the temperamental North Eastern US.

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