Cursed (Alpha’s Warlock #1) by Kriss Sawyer






The story is intriguing from the start.  With Clyde a werewolf that is cursed by a witch, to change every night and not just on the night of a full moon.     


It is not until Clyde saves Terry from a house fire whilst in wolf form, that they meet though at the time Terry is not aware that it was a werewolf that saved him.  But when they do meet, and Terry finds out that Clyde is cursed. Terry manages to break the curse. And they soon become a couple.


There is a peace between Warlocks and creatures of the night, which is very fragile.   So, when Clyde (werewolf) becomes involved with Terry (warlock), This causes tension in Clyde?s pack and a lot of mistrust.


I kind of felt sorry for Clyde, being caught between the man he loves and the pack he is bound too.  As we know you do not always get to choose who you fall in love with.   And obviously the bond between pack members is so strong, and wolfs do not fare well without being part of a pack.


The story is a paranormal romantic mystery.  There are hidden forces playing behind the scenes and not everyone is who they say they are.  So, when two pack members go missing all fingers point at Terry.


I really enjoyed the descriptions of the pack meetings.  And the tension between the two main characters and Clyde?s pack.


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