Coveted By Jason Collins

My review
Coveted Is a paranormal mystery. Jason has done an excellent job of creating eerie atmosphere, foggy streets with little or no people at night. People who have the answers but won?t talk. And a Evil family with a hold on the city. All set up a great and intense mystery. Usually I am quite good at guessing where a story is heading, even mysteries. But I was wrong with this one.
This story to me has all the right elements that kept me wanting to read on and on.
Austin Arrives in town to search for his missing father who is a private detective. He meets a guy named Dereck who is the only person that will help him search for answers. Unfortunately, They have to seek information themselves which includes Austin coming face to face with the family that he believes is involved in his father?s disappearance. They find help in the strange places, and with each other?s support they find the answers they are looking for. 
I have followed Jason?s books and he has yet to disappoint. But to me this is one of my favourite books of his.
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