Cold Hard Cash by K.L. Hiers :: New Release ::

Cold Hard Cash by K.L. Hiers :: New Release ::

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Title: Cold Hard Cash

Author: K.L. Hiers

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 15 August 2019

Length: 387 pages

Keywords : dark, romance, mafia,  bdsm, spankings, rough sex, 

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When you owe money to a powerful mafia kingpin, you find a way to pay it back or you get hurt, and the only thing twenty-six-year-old Jimmy Poe has to offer a man like Boss Cold is himself. Cold agrees to give Jimmy a chance to have his debt cancelled, but it will mean surrendering his body to Cold’s rough, ruthless demands every night until the very last penny has been repaid.

Over the coming days, Jimmy learns what it means to be truly mastered, and Cold’s stern dominance arouses him far more intensely than he would have thought possible. But as their business arrangement grows into a romance, can Cold keep Jimmy safe in his dangerous world?


“You’ll really do whatever I want, won’t you?”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Jimmy replied uncertainly, his brows furrowing upward.

“Oh, I think it’s what you want,” Cold said, easily deflecting the question. “You’re so very eager to please.” He gently touched Jimmy’s chin, his thumb sweeping over his bottom lip. “You’d let me fuck you in front of the whole world, wouldn’t you.”

Jimmy blushed, leaning into Cold’s hand as much as he would allow. He could hear the steady thumping of his heart in his ears, drowning out the entire universe except the two of them. “Yes…”

“Mm. And that’s why we need a safe word, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, his thumb pulling Jimmy’s lip down, pinching it against his chin and making him whimper. “If we’re going to make the most of this little deal, even my desires must have their limits.”

Jimmy frowned, confused. “But you said whatever you want? That’s the deal?”

“It wouldn’t serve my interests to break you before you’ve paid off what you owe me,” Cold clarified with a dark chuckle. “And I did so enjoy our time together last night. It was very revealing.” He tilted his head, purring seductively, “You want someone to take charge, don’t you?”

Jimmy closed his eyes, nodding slowly. There was no point in denying it. “Yes.”

“You want someone to take away the fear,” Cold continued, his drawl positively hypnotic. “For someone to eliminate all the hesitation, to stiffen that shy sway in your step. You don’t want to worry any longer about what to say or what to do…”

A surge of emotion rocked Jimmy’s very soul from Cold’s flawless perception, his tongue meeting his thumb as it moved over his bottom teeth, and he groaned softly.

“Yes,” Cold growled, breath quickening as he spoke on. “You, Mr. Poe, need a purpose. You need that gratification that only comes from having someone to please.”

“Then let me please you,” Jimmy said desperately, daring to suck at the pad of Cold’s thumb, his eyes flicking open to stare up at him.

Cold seemed happy with that, a gorgeous smirk twisting his lips. “Good,” he said, a smile briefly lighting up his face then disappearing as quickly as it appeared. “Safe word, Mr. Poe?”

“Ice,” Jimmy replied softly, drawing out the word as a low hiss. It was an immediate response, lost in the beautiful icy blue of Cold’s eyes.

“Ice it is.” Cold smirked and lightly tapped his thumb against Jimmy’s chin. He leaned back in the chair, spreading his legs and slowly unbuttoning his pants to pull out his thick cock. “Come along, Mr. Poe. Let’s see how pleasing that mouth of yours is.”

Jimmy was salivating as he gazed over Cold’s intimidating girth. His cock was absolutely beautiful. Crap, how was he ever supposed to fit all of that in his mouth? He scooted forward, starting to press a hand against Cold’s thigh to get in a better position.

Jimmy gasped when Cold snatched his wrist, saying low, “No touching.”

“But I need to… okay. Yes, sir,” Jimmy nodded, blinking anxiously. He remembered how Cold had flinched in his apartment, but how the hell was he going to do this if he couldn’t use his hands? He let his arms drop to his sides and took a deep breath.

Bowing his head down, Jimmy pulled the tip of Cold’s cock into his mouth with only his lips. The taste was hot and salty, making him groan as he sucked softly. He struggled to take the thick member deeper, his eyes starting to tear up.

His lips felt like they were being stretched to their limit, trying to use his tongue to make up for all the inches he couldn’t fit by swirling around the tip. He wanted to use his hand to grab the remainder of Cold’s cock, but he didn’t want to risk angering him by touching him again.

Cold’s fingers suddenly dug into Jimmy’s hair, setting his scalp ablaze with pain and sensation. His hold was firm, his cock starting to move, his voice rumbling, “Open your mouth. As wide as you can.”

Jimmy sighed, letting his jaw hang loose. He inhaled sharply through his nose as Cold started thrusting his cock into his throat. Gagging instantly, he tried to swallow around the thick intrusion and his mouth rapidly filled with saliva.

“Relax,” Cold soothed, his cock sliding deeper down Jimmy’s throat.

Jimmy tried, God, did he try. It was almost impossible not to gag again, whining softly as Cold’s massive girth filled up his mouth. He was keenly aware of all the drool pooling, tears streaming down his cheeks as Cold fucked his face. He was getting more turned on with every slam, blood rushing down into his loins and making him shiver all over.

He loved Cold being in control. His mind was completely empty except for the sole focus he had of pleasing this man. It was soothing in spite of the discomfort, calming in a way Jimmy had never known before. He didn’t have to think or worry, he only had to obey.

It felt so fucking good.

Cold’s fingers were tangled tight in his hair, forcing himself deeper as he bucked his hips up. Jimmy was struggling, but he started to get the hang of it. Swallowing back around the head of Cold’s cock, he flexed his cheeks and lips to maintain some suction. He started moving his tongue, wagging back and forth on the underside of Cold’s shaft.

Jimmy could hear Cold’s breathing becoming a shallow pant, the quietest little groan managing to escape. Yes, that sound, that beautiful sound. He wanted to hear how good it felt, he wanted to know what a good job he was doing. Whining quietly, Jimmy gave everything he had, trying to make Cold moan again.

“Look at me,” Cold ordered, his voice raw and husky with need.

Jimmy’s eyes flickered upward to meet Cold’s gaze, unable to identify the intense expression on his face. He looked like he was concentrating, as if trying to figure out a puzzle, but there was an element of frustration like the solution was eluding him.

“You love this, don’t you?” Cold demanded, yanking Jimmy off his cock so he could answer him.

Jimmy gasped for air, his chest heaving as he licked his lips to catch some of the drool. He couldn’t nod because of how tightly Cold was holding him by his hair. Inhaling a few more precious gulps of oxygen, he finally whimpered, “I do…” 


Cold Hard Cash by K.L. Hiers :: New Release ::

Author’s Bio

K.L. Hiers is an embalmer, restorative artist, and writer. She has been writing for over twenty years, penning her very first book at just eight years old. Publishers generally do not accept manuscripts in Hello Kitty notebooks, however, but she never gave up.

She now enjoys writing professionally, focusing on spinning tales of sultry passion, exotic worlds, and emotional journeys. She lives in Zebulon, NC, with her husband and their eight children, five of which have paws and one who sometimes thinks he does.

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