Between Bloody Lips by Sai Fox :: Release Review

Between Bloody Lips by Sai Fox :: Release Review

Book Info

Title: Between Bloody Lips

Series: The Valentino Family

Author: Sia Fox

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 11 May 2019

Cover Design: Samantha Garrett 

Length: 64,000 words/ 370 pages

Keywords : Mystery, Thriller, Erotic, MM, Romance, BDSM, best friends to lovers, forbidden romance,  love, redemption, forgiveness, unquestioning love

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Between Bloody Lips by Sai Fox :: Release Review


Who is Nicolai Valentino?

Some think him a devoted son, a ruthless killer, a vicious monster. The heir of the infamous Valentino family, Nico is a man with blood-stained hands and a heart of ice. 

To Gabriel Delatto, Nico is more than that: a childhood friend, a passionate lover, a misunderstood soul, a man whose cold, calculated outward exterior protects the broken man inside. Nico is his best friend, his lover, his other half—his better half. 

But how much of that is true? And how much is just lies whispered between bloody lips? 

New York to Tokyo—Gabriel is willing to follow his lover to the ends of the earth to find out what Nico is running from.

Or, maybe, what is Nico running to?



This book continues right where book one ended.  Nico has fled to Japan without any note or explanation.  Gabriel is hot on his trail, hoping to defend Nico against anyone who he is running from be it The Valentino Family, their Enemies or Nico himself.

The story is told from Gabriel’s viewpoint.  He finds himself in a strange country, not knowing who he can trust or where Nico may have run to and why.  He is tired, confused and in a state of panic.

We are taken on a intense and phycological journey.  Now you may wonder if things could get more confusing for Gabriel.   Well yes, they sure can, Nico turns up at Gabriel’s hotel room, when they have a heated scene, before he disappears leaving a message telling Gabriel to go home.

As Gabriel’s journey leads him towards the darker side of Japan and hopefully to Nico, he is forced to make deals with people that want him to do their dirty work.

His mind is so scrambled that all he believes in, starts to crumble, does he even know who Nico really is and what happened in Jersey?

The Story is so thrilling you are left breathless, and it is not only Gabriel’s brain that is scrambled but your own is at some points in the book.

The characters have great depth even the minor ones. You really feel connected to Gabriel and Nico and prey throughout the book for their safety.  Gabriel’s loyalty to Nico is so strong that he will die for the man.  He knows Nico has not been the same since the Jersey incident and needs Gabriel’s protection and comfort.  But what Gabriel does not realise is that he needs Nico’s support even more.


 Nico was beautiful in his fear.

Nico’s hair was mussed, sweat dripping down from his hairline to the collar of his shirt, his pendant standing stark against his throat. There was blood splattered across his cheeks like macabre freckles, a dribble just below his nose making its way down his bottom lip.

Gabriel didn’t know if it was his or someone else’s, but it looked exquisite against his skin. 

What would Nico’s blood have tasted like? What would Nico’s fear have tasted like?

It didn’t matter. Gabriel would have kissed it away if he could.

If he could, Gabriel would have done many things differently.

If he could.

If he could…

This was all wrong.

“Stop, Gabriel.”

The air in the house was like an oven, nary a breeze to give either of them comfort. Despite the distance between them, a chasm that only seemed to grow wider, Gabriel could all but feel the heat from Nico’s mouth against his.

Nico was fire and Gabriel…

Gabriel was just the kindling.

They were so close—all Gabriel had to do was reach out. All it would take was a hand around Nico’s collar and he could crush his lips against Nico’s. They could fall into each other’s arms as they always had, always would.

That would have been right.

That would have been good.

But there was something pink and gelatinous smeared across the front of Nico’s shirt, something that Gabriel knew intrinsically belonged in someone’s head, not spread across Nico’s white button-up. 

Nico’s hands shook like leaves on trees just before the hurricane ripped them off and scattered them across the sea.

When their eyes met, Gabriel turned away his head as though someone struck him. 

Nico’s unbridled fear staring back at him through piercing dark blue eyes made his stomach churn. 

That wasn’t how Nico was supposed to stare at him. That wasn’t what they had, that wasn’t who they were supposed to be.

Why was Nico so scared?

Why was Nico scared of him?


Gabriel could hear the words, feel the cold metal in his hand. He knew that there was something wrong with this scene, knew that this wasn’t how any of this was supposed to go. He could feel the heaviness of the gun, the cloying smell of blood and shit, the sweat on his brow, the panic clawing through his stomach—

“Gabriel—please. Please, listen to me. You don’t have to do this. I know you, Gabriel. I know you. This isn’t you. This isn’t you.”

“Get out of the way, Nico.”

It was his voice.

He could feel the hum of the words leaving his throat, how his lungs exhaled with every syllable. He could feel the way his lips touched, how they formed words, how his tongue clinked against his teeth.

He could feel it, feel allof it, just as he could feel the metal, hard and cold, gripped in his hand.

“You can’t do this. you have to stop—” Nico reached out for his arm, but it met nothing but air.

Gabriel tried to lower his hand, tried to loosen his grip on the gun, but he couldn’t.

He couldn’t.

“Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Gabriel—you’re better than this. You’re more than this!”

Was he?

“My hands are bloodier than yours.”

Gabriel wanted his hand to shake, but it was steady.

It was toosteady.

“Baby. Please. If you do this… you can’t come back from this.”

He wanted to let go, wanted to scream, wanted to say something—anything.

Why couldn’t he stop himself? Why couldn’t he let go? Why did it feel as though he were a marionette, a puppet with someone else pulling his strings?

I don’t want this. I don’t want to do this. Please. Please. Nico—please—

“Gabriel… I love you.”

It was a whisper between bloody lips.

“I love you. Please don’t do thi—”

Gabriel pulled the trigger.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.




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Author’s Bio

Sai Fox was born and raised in New York City, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there’s an ever-present coffee cup on her desk as she writes well into the night. A chronic insomniac, some of her best ideas come to her right before heading off to bed. 

Currently residing in Tokyo, Sai finds most of her time spent writing, reading, and wandering the strange and intoxicating streets that tell thousands of stories… with a cup of coffee. There is always a cup of coffee. 

Sai has been writing fiction for well over a decade, enjoying the ability to push boundaries of society and sexuality through her work.

Between Bloody Lips by Sai Fox :: Release Review