Best Friend’s Blood (Ironwrought-3) by Anna Wineheart





I found the dynamics of this story intriguing.   We have to Vampire hunters as our main characters.  Leo and Mitch, who are best friends, that have lost their parents, Leos by a vampire attack, which they both witnessed.  All they have is each other and their Vampire hunting. 

So, what happens when Mitch is turned?  Mitch hates that he has been turned into a monster as much as Leo does.  Can their love and friendship pass this test.  How do you see past the fact that Mitch is now a vampire, a monster that killed Leos parents?

The story has a little mystery, as they need to find out who turned Mitch and why?

In this the third book, we get to really feel the emotions as the characters battle to find a way ahead.  We also find out that they have both been in love with the other.  

I found the book an exciting read and constantly was encouraging the characters to come together. I have enjoyed all three books so far but I have to say this is my favourite as I really connected and felt what the characters were going through.


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