BAIT By Pierce Smith

BAIT By Pierce Smith


By Pierce Smith

Pages 300

Release Date: 1, January  2018




Cody has had enough of living with his wealthy, controlling, and disapproving parents, so when the time comes to choose a university, he picks one as far away as possible from his hometown and arrives in New York. The na?ve boy soon finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind affair with his tutors. Secrets abound. Will they be discovered? Will Cody ever find the happiness he is looking for or will it all end in tears?
This is a MM story which has some dark scenes.



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Hun, I need you. I want you here now.? The soft seductive voice moaned in Cody?s ears through the earbuds and he shuddered with yearning. The moans and grunts he could hear were making Cody tremble. ?This night is eternally long. I cannot deny my hunger for you. I want you here. Now… Beneath me.? The grunting soon became agitated, and Cody felt his dick throbbing.

Cody giggled. ?Don?t you want to see me??

?Do you want to see me, too??

?I do.

?Yes.? Max?s heavy panting voice escalated as time passed. ?I want to devour you with my eyes. You make my body burn with lust??

Quivering on Max?s soothing voice, Cody switched on his laptop?s webcam. With a press of a button, Max could see Cody in the flesh, who blew a kiss back to him. Max acted coy and blushed, then looking at the screen, pursed his lips, and sent a kiss back. Cody was lying on his back on his bed with the lamps switched on. Covered in a blanket, hiding most of his body, his eyes were glued to the screen trying to make out what was on the other side.

?I can guess where your hand is,? Max giggled and moaned. ?I wish it could be holding mine.? He pointed at Cody who had one hand beneath the blanket, on his body, perhaps playing with his cock.

?You?re wrong, darling. I am just covering myself with the blanket, to warm myself. Life is cold? and ruthless.? Cody gave a deep sigh.

?It wouldn?t be if you were here with me.? Max grunted in yearning, ?Don?t you think life would be different if you were here on my bed, enjoying this useless timewasting?? His voice had suddenly become wistful.

?You shouldn?t play at midnight with your sinful voice,? Cody mocked and blew another kiss. ?I know time is playing at being a bitch, but I cannot be with you??

Max sighed. ?I want you to trust me.? He kissed at the screen again with his soft, pink, tapered lips, and remained still for some time, as if he was pressing them over Cody?s. ?Feel me,? he sighed and his breath clouded the screen. For a while, Cody could not see anything.

?Would you mind clearing your cam?? Cody moaned, ?I can feel you. Don?t melt me this way. I am all alone, and outside it?s raining hard.? Sighing smoothly, Cody rested his face on his pillow.

?I want to see more of you.? Max?s eyes glinted in his dark room.

?More?? Cody shivered in excitement, ?My body is arranged here all for you. And I can feel your penetrating eyes all over me,?

?All of you? whatever you are hiding beneath your sheets? that fucking blanket.? Max sighed. His voice was changing, gravelly, rough. Panting breaths became edgy with lust, ?I want to see what draws me towards you? the lust of yours, and what it is which keeps you burning through me both day and night.?

?But first I want to see you too.? Cody adjusted his view of the laptop screen while trying to figure out what Max was doing on his side. Max was lying naked on his bed in a darkened room, his face was shining in the laptop?s glow, eyes glinting, but Cody could not savor his manliness. ?Switch on your lights, please,?

?You are too demanding and disobedient.? Max grinned.

?This is me. I also want to see what tempts me, makes my throat dry, and butterflies flutter over my skin? sending shivers up and down my spine. Today, I want to see you completely.?

?Sure Hun, anything for you,? Max got up, directly in front of the camera. Hiding nothing, and showing everything so boldly, Cody could not think Max was showing his valuable assets with anything but wolfish intentions. He stood exactly before the camera, his hairy torso appeared more appealing to Cody. His dick, risen to fully erect, flashed over the laptop?s multi-colored hues. A moan slipped out from Cody?s now dry, closed throat. He yearned for it. Standing up from the bed, Max walked across the room to the light-switch, showing off to Cody his sturdy physique and the taut globes of his ass.

Max flipped the switch and his room became bathed in soft light. His back towards the camera left Cody awestruck. Cody swallowed thick, lusty gulps of saliva. ?Fuck me,? he muttered, but Max didn?t hear him, he had left his headphones lying on the bed. Cody could only hold his breath and wait until Max turned around to face the camera. And then he did. His well-built body, hair covering his torso, his chest, sprinkled high up to his neck, sturdy pecs with just the right amount of dense hair and, of course, his loins. ?Oh God, I could die tonight.? Cody yearned badly for Max. Raven-black, curly hair coated his genitalia, big heavy balls loaded with sperm, and a big, thick, erect dick. Cody?s eyes stared fixated at Max?s cock and groin. He knew this was the most beautiful creation of God?s art, he had seen in his entire life.

Cody smiled, and his mouth went dry as Max neared the bed. Max was so close to the camera that first his groin, and then his dick, filled Cody?s screen. So tempting, so near, all right in front of his eyes, but he could not taste or touch. Cody could only moan at the sight. Max sat down on his bed so only his torso remained visible. Cody was silent, holding his breath, enjoying the beauty oozing from Max?s body. Then Max lay back and put his headphones on again. He moaned out loud, making Cody shudder in response.

?I never knew you were so damn?? Cody sighed into the microphone.

?Not before your licentious call.? Max grunted. ?Won?t you give me a chance to devour you? at least with my eyes?? Max gazed at the screen with lustful, taunting eyes.

Cody giggled and removed his blanket. He was now lying face down on his stomach, and the screen exposed the view of his swimmer?s physique. His cheeky pose showed all his back, and parts of a round, full butt. Sparse hair, but a clean ass. Max salivated, which Cody didn?t miss. ?You want me, Sir??

?As usual? always.?

Cody turned to his side on the bed, secretly exposing his smooth skin. He was not soft, but not rough either.

Max and Cody had been chatting online for the last two months, and it was the first time they had indulged in camera talk, exposing their bare, nude forms to each other. Cody was awestruck and dying to be owned by Max, who was here and there, turning all sides on the bed, and displaying his full, furry, physique to Cody. He did not show everything because he was enjoying taunting Cody with his thick dick and attractive, hairy body, which were weak points for Cody.