At Lodgings in Lyme (Oliver & Jack #2) by Christina E. Pilz





Oliver and Jack are on the run, leaving London for Lyme Regis. We follow their Journey in book two.  We see another side to Oliver, as Jack gets ill.  Oliver finds help in the form of a House Keeper at a Stately home.  She calls the local doctor to treat Jack.  But this also means Oliver is obliged to work to pay the doctors Bills.   


So, this time tables are turned for a while at least.  And Oliver finds himself doing anything he needs to do, to ensure Jack gets the care he needs.   This of course does not bode well with Jack who believes he is the stronger, wiser guy, though he does appreciate what Oliver has done to ensure he recovers.


Oliver?s perfect picture of his mother is shattered and That makes Oliver determined to get Jack to find his family.  Of course, Jack refuses to budge on the subject.

I really like the way the author changed the Characters dynamics temporary without changing the character in total.  She has managed to show, we will do anything and everything for the ones we love.


As with the first book.  The story stays true to the original Oliver and Jack (Dodger), you really do feel like you are continuing the boys journey through life. 

You also get a vivid feel of the world back at the time the story takes place.  You are absorbed into the story world.


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