Antisocial by Heidi Cullinan




I Found this book very interesting, right from the start. It is a kind of opposites attract, but as the characters become closer and learn from each other. You find that maybe?s they are not so different after all.

Xander is anti-social, he keeps to himself and only communicates with others when he must. He avoids all social situations and even social media. And this is where the story Starts and how Xander meets Skyler. 


Xander needs to promote himself and his art as part of his qualification. And Skyler?s Frat House members have destroyed a piece of art at the Collage, so he feels bad and wants to do more than just make things right. He offers his services as a business promoter to the ART dept. and to Xander in general.


Now you will have already read other reviews warning that there is NO SEX in this book, but if that is usually a problem for you, I?d say give this book a try. No sex does not mean no intimacy or even no love making. One partner is not sexual but between them they find a way to be intimate and I dare say in their own way make love, which to me makes this book so much more intimate.


The story is very well thought out, and each scene brings things to the whole picture. The characters are chalk and cheese at the beginning, but by the end you realise that neither is quite what you expected, as a team they are a force to reckon with.

I really enjoyed every word of this story, so much so that I have bought the Carry me Ocean series, that was mentioned in Meredith Kings review.


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