The Promise Of Silence By Marshall


The Promise Of Silance

By Marshall



“The Promise Of Silence” is the historical truth about the struggle of homosexual life in catholic Ireland. It is a voyage into the horizons of intolerance that was practiced by the catholic religion. It is enriched with the impression of tangibility to entangle the reader with the taste of emotions, the touch of sufferance and the sound of brutality. It incorporates the religious, social and political battle of a homosexual to survive in a hetero-normative culture. 

Born in Catholic Ireland in 1976, the protagonist resurrects his emotional journey. The catholic god that governed Irish politics silenced queers, the pulpit sermons liberated the wrath of god and as my holy mother turned the discoloured gilded pages of her aged bible in prayer she crucified me in punishment for my immorality. 

Those that threw stones should have been more clement in their judgement. The almighty catholic god of Ireland preached compassion, but it certainly wasn?t practiced by the righteous Ireland that I belonged to. I wanted to be seduced by death, but I somehow survived the sufferance that no human should ever taste. 

?The Promise of Silence? is not my revenge or my coming out and I am certainly not a gay militant. The virile heterosexual type may not be enticed as much as their homosexual counterpart to brave reading a ?queer related book?, but for tolerance to flourish heterosexuals need to voyage into the tragedy of homosexual sufferance. 

?The Promise Of Silence? sparks great reflection and brings forth facts about the heterosexual revolution for liberty too. The Catholic God governed fertility; Irish brides became machines to manufacture catholic babies and women certainly needed political freedom from the sufferance and brutality that enchained them in silence too. 

I invite you to journey into ?The Promise Of Silence?, taste my sufferance, hear my immortalised tears, judge me if you want to, but tread softly on my dream of freedom. Perhaps you can make my dream of tolerance become tangible? 



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