Marked by J. Jay Barrett :: New Release

Never interfere. Those were his orders, and for centuries he stood by them, faithfully serving those that had given him his charge. Until one fateful night, while hunting, the young vampire stumbles upon a handsome, young stranger. Within minutes, Holden finds his peaceful existence thrown into a tailspin. Soon, it’s a race against time to save the human that he just can’t seem to get out of his head.

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Becoming D’Vaire by Jessamyne Kingley :: Cover …

There is nothing ordinary about finding where you belong

 High Arcanist Delaney D’Vaire is the world’s only dark wizard, something that has alienated him from his people since birth. Orphaned as a child, he is shuffled around until the Prism Wizard sees his potential, steps in, and enrolls him in school.

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The Rising by Morgan Brice :: New Release

A big storm is brewing, there’s a killer on the loose, and the ghosts of Myrtle Beach are restless. Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and his sexy cop boyfriend, homicide detective Vic D’Amato have their hands full helping the Grand Strand brace for rough surf, driving rain and high winds as a winter storm roars toward shore.

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The Summoner’s Path By Jessamyn Kingley :: New …

Some paths we choose. Others are chosen for us.

Grand Summoner Dre?Kariston D?Vaire understands firsthand the brutal reality of war. Barely surviving a gruesome battle, he is one of the few remaining warlocks. After recovering from his wounds, he returns to the castle of his birth only to find his entire race annihilated. For centuries he disguises his power and appearance, refusing to be another victim.

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Superpowered Love Series (Reloaded) by Katey …

Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds. With his family, he?s the golden child of awakened superpowered society. He?s meant to do great things and pass on his powers?with the appropriate girl, hand-picked by his mother. He?s already failed at the first, so he can?t bring himself to tell her the wife and children aren?t happening either.

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