Strokes On A Canvas by H. Lewis-Foster :: New Release

London, 1924. Evan Calver is enjoying a quiet pint, when he notices a man smiling at him across the bar. While the Rose and Crown isn’t that kind of pub, Evan thinks his luck might be in, and he narrowly escapes humiliation when he realises the man is smiling at a friend. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Evan discovers the man is named Milo Halstead and served as an army captain during the war.

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His Two Leading Men Aidan Wayne

His Two Leading Men by Aidan Wayne

Broadway star Skye?s whole life is an act.

On the surface, he?s living the New York Dream – acclaimed by critics for his stunning debut, playing to packed audiences every night.

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Second Chance

      Universal Buy Link Length: 67,000 words approx. Cover Design: Black Jazz Design   Blurb Everyone deserves a second chance. Nate and his

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