First Noel / The Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday …

Each Christmas has marked a milestone in Bobby and Paolo?s love story. But will this year be their last noel? It?s no surprise Bobby isn?t feeling much holiday spirit?not when he suspects his husband, Paolo, might be interested in his new business associate, the incredibly handsome Noel. On top of that, Bobby?s father is hanging up his Santa suit at the department store due to health issues; and worst of all, Geoffrey?s birth mother, funded by antigay extremists, is threatening their family.

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Home For Christmas by R J Scott

Can Connor show River a real family Christmas?

When Connor finds River on the roof of the campus admin building, he doesn?t know what to do. His friend is drunk, and shouting into a snowstorm, a bottle of vodka in his hand. The easy part is getting River down; the hard part is insisting River comes home with Connor for Christmas.

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The North Star by Elle Keaton

The holiday season can?t be over soon enough for John Hall. His ex-boyfriend emptied the bank accounts and ran off with his personal trainer months earlier leaving John unable to pay his creditors. Now he?s forced to close the independent movie theater he runs, a bad end to a bad year. Gay, single and closer to fifty than forty, John doesn?t see a lot of hope in his future. In the dark of night he wonders if staying afloat is worth the effort.

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old aquaintance7

Old Acquaintance by Annabelle jacobs

There are two sides to every story, even those buried in the past.

When Sam spots the hot guy moving in next door, he?s all for going round to introduce himself. That soon changes when it turns out his new neighbour is in fact an old school acquaintance, Charles Whitmore. Sam didn?t like him back then, and fifteen years haven?t altered that.?

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Walking In A Winter Wonderland by Claire Castle

Colton Dawson is miserable this holiday season. Those he?d loved the most are no longer in his life. With one disappointment after another, how can he possibly get into the Christmas spirit? Maybe a change of scenery?a new place to put down roots?is just what he needs for a second chance to find some happiness.

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