Kicking Up My Heels…in Heels by Liam Livings :: New Release

It’s the year 2000 and Kev’s twenty. He’s a proper grown up now. Maybe. He knows what he’s doing. And what he’s doing isn’t what he wants to be doing. He’s working in TK Maxx and instead he wants to be singing and dancing and bantering and laughing on stage. He. Loves. It. And they pay him too!

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Diamond Heart by M.A. Hinkle :: New Release

Gareth has a problem. He got expelled. Now he and his twin brother, Morgan, have to start over at an artsy new private school, and it?s all Gareth?s fault. Not to mention Morgan?s crippling social anxiety and Gareth?s resting jerk face aren?t making them any friends, and their father is furious with him. Gareth could live with this, but Morgan?s mad at him too, and Morgan is the only person alive who can make Gareth feel guilty.

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Escaping Mortality by Sara Dobie Bauer :: New Release

Their ocean journey was successful, and Andrew and Edmund found an Elder just in time. As they wished, Edmund is now a vampire like Andrew. They have eternity together, but first, they must visit Edmund?s ailing mother in the English countryside with their flock of immortals, including the Elder, who has taken an ominous liking to his new creation.

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Half-Life by Gregory L. Norris :: New Release

Whitney Abbott travels to the seaside Maine town of Window to begin a new life in his uncle?s home. Robert Abbott is well-to-do and owns several high-end restaurants. Whitney will start at the bottom and work his way up at the flagship. But from the moment Whitney exits his car in the drive of the big, brooding house, he senses the sinister atmosphere surrounding his relations.

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Night Kiss by E.T. Malinowski :: Release Blitz and Exclusive Character Interview

What could be frightening enough to freeze the blood of a centuries-old Vampire turned K-pop idol?

Being bound to someone.

University student Cheong Jin-woo dreams of working in the arts, especially for BL Entertainment and his favorite band, Bam Kiseu. After seeing the band perform, Jin-woo separates from his friends to explore. What he discovers backstage will change his life.

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Valhalla by L.A Ashton

Sakuma has served as a Valkyrie for centuries, smoothly escorting thousands of souls to the grand halls of Valhalla. While the world tears itself apart during WWII, he is summoned to retrieve the soul of a fallen Japanese soldier, Ishii Hiroshi. To Sakuma?s surprise, Ishii refuses his invitation to eternity.

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EscapingSolitude f500 1

Escaping Solitude by Sara Dobie Bauer

Ancient vampire Andrew escaped his tropical island exile with his beloved human sailor, Edmund. They?ve now returned to Andrew?s home in nineteenth-century New Orleans and must navigate not only their developing relationship?and equally haunted pasts?but also a hungry coven of vampires Andrew used to call friends.

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