Drive by Courtney Maguire :: REVIEW ::

In the conservative East Texas town of Black Creek, you’re either old money or you work for them. Redmond Cole is the latter. The long hours he spends fixing fancy cars in the local garage are barely enough to support himself, let alone his sixteen-year-old half-sister, Katie

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Here For You by K.C. Wells :: New Book Release ::

Chris Lomax swore he’d never return to Saugatuck, but nothing could have prevented him from coming home to the small lakeside town, not once he saw the news about the fire – and Hunter, the only person ever to steal his heart. He must make sure Hunter is okay, and service dog Lucy could lend a helping paw.

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Back Issues by Dani Hermit & Nevi Star :: New Release ::

53 year old Matt Evans never thought he would be drawn back into the world of the Chosen and their staged battles of Good versus Evil. But with the return of his long dormant super powers on the heels of a devastating attack on the Chosen, Matt is forced to come face to face with the lover he left behind.

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The Road Between by Patrick Benjamin :: New Release ::

Just because you can go home again, doesn’t mean you should.

Television personality, Parker Houston has spent a lifetime following that motto: Running away at seventeen and vowing never to return to the small country town that made growing up gay, practically unbearable.

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Wounded Martyr by Courtney Maguire :: New Release ::

Ice is an asshole, but he’s working on it. He’s two years sober, no small feat when you front a heavy metal band facing waning popularity and dismal ticket sales. But the pieces of a life torn apart by alcoholism are finally coming back together.

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