In The Arms Of The Beast by K.A. Merikan

After everything Baal put them through, neither Laurent nor Beast considered ever making another pact with a demon, but in the spur of the moment, temptation becomes too great, and they decide on one more deal. 

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Bad Deal by Faith Ryan and Ember-Raine Winters ;; …

He?s a Russian devil and he owns me.

JR Richards

What?s worse than wanting the one person you can never have? How about finally getting them. Don?t get me wrong the sex was great, but everything that came after? Yeah, it?s like they say, be careful what you wish for.

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Elias by Erin E. Keller :: Release Blitz

Detective Thomas Doyle has been living a lonely, compartmentalized life ever since the death of his life partner, Aiden. He vowed never to let anybody get close to him again — the pain of losing a loved one is too much to bear. Despite his vow, Thomas is lonely, and has a number of one-night stands, sexual encounters with unnamed men he doesn?t care to remember. Then he meets Elias.

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The Deafening Silence

An unproven alliance. A broken promise. A mafia boss must shed blood to secure peace?

Nao Murata is on the verge of brokering peace between his syndicate and the rival Mafufgumi mob. To seal the deal, he?ll need to pick up Russian prostitutes to appease his newest ally. When the exchange goes sour, both sides draw blades and Nao has no choice but to care for a blood-soaked enemy. If the man doesn?t make it through the night, Nao and his crew will pay with their lives.

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