Sue’s Quickies:: The Colour Between Us by Kate Hawthorne


Title: The Colour Between Us

Author: Kate Hawthorne

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 268 

Genre: Romance



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Roland Wilson is a haunted man.

A decade since his last successful gallery showing, Roland?s life has crumbled. Imprisoned by his own mind and taunted daily by painful memories, he finds his only comfort in drinking. With a life that has devolved into nothing brighter than variants of gray, he sees little point in his existence when a delivery boy with eyes of inspirational blue shows up at his door.


Adonis Smith wants something he can?t have.

In his mind, Adonis lives up to his name. He?s six-feet tall and built like a god, but in reality he?s just Donny?a short, nothing-special twink that no one takes seriously in or out of bed. Then he meets Roland, a beautiful, yet brash, struggling artist who is consumed by his own shortcomings. Donny knows he shouldn?t get involved with the handsome and tempestuous man, but the more Donny sees of him, the more he wants Roland to be his…for good. 


A mutual inspiration.

As the feelings between the two men develop into something colorful and vibrant, it seems each has finally found what he needs. When Roland enters a spiral of self-destruction, it derails his relationship with Donny and sends them both into a tailspin. On their own, each man will need to decide if he is strong enough to stand beside the other and face the future together. 

Will they be able to rediscover the best parts of each other before the colors between them fade for good?

The Colors Between us addresses what it’s like to live with depression and may be triggering for some readers.



Sue’s Review





I’ve not read many books dealing with depression. Roland broke my heart multiple times. I just wanted to hug him tight all the time.


Donny was just the right kind of pushy. Taking what he wanted but what Roland needed to give.

They really are a good match.


I love books where the smaller of the two is the more dominant one. Donny’s dominance was amazing. Just shows you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


Meeting Gabriel and Joel (again( I will say here that I asked to know more of Gabriel and Joel until I was told that they were from His Kind Of Love. Which I loved)).


Roland is trying to live his life but it’s not easy for him and it’s hard to see how he struggles but he ended up doing the right thing for himself and for Donny. He got his painting back. Donny really helped him but he also helped himself.


This author is becoming a firm favourite of mine and i’ll look forward to more



Author’s Bio


When Kate was little, she wanted to be an English teacher, but when she turned eighteen she decided to become a Dominatrix instead. Fast-forward to 2017, a few years into her thirties, she decided writing gay romance was just as good as teaching English, so she sat down and penned her first novel. 


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