Love & Lust by Jason Collins

  Review **** This is another entertaining story from this author, What I really liked with this novel is the chemistry between the two-main character.  They feel right together and feed off each other?s strengths.    Grant has just served 8 years in prison for a crime he did not

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Wrestling with Love (Wrestling #2) by D.H. Starr

  Review ***** Wrestling for Love, continues Derick and Scots story as they head to University.  We follow the guys as they navigate living together, and coming out.  Derick decides to be out and proud early in the book, He joins the LGBT Alliance.  But Scot is afraid to come

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An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles

  Review ****   A good period Drama, must make the reader feel like they are right there in that time. And an Unsuitable Heir really does a great job of this. From the Brash men, to gentry, The foggy London streets. All the good ingredients for a story set

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Antisocial by Heidi Cullinan

Review  ***** I Found this book very interesting, right from the start. It is a kind of opposites attract, but as the characters become closer and learn from each other. You find that maybe?s they are not so different after all. Xander is anti-social, he keeps to himself and only

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Quinn’s Destiny (A Companion’s Tale #1) by Emily Jean

  Review ***** This story is a cleverly woven with three main characters being Quinn A being created by warlocks, Desmond a warlock and Ralph a vampire prince.Quinn is the central character, known as a warlock companion, created just a year ago to help the warlocks get the upper hand

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Perfect Timing by Aimee Brissay

  Review *****   I really enjoyable read that has a little romance, a little mystery, a lot of paranormal and a little humor, and some fighting as you’d expect in a paranormal book. So put it another way it is a paranormal, mystery, romantic thriller. It certainly has you

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Wrestling With Desire By D.H. Star

Review *****   The author of this book is new to me, so I did not know what to expect. I am so pleased that I took a chance on this book. It is not quite like the typical coming of age /coming out story. Both characters are strong mentally

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The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt

Review *****   This book was a fantastic read. A story of a young man that has constantly been mentally battered by his family. At first, Ryan comes across as an arrogant young man. But when he meets Misha at a fencing club, he is soon put in his place

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Professor Blood (Ironwrought #2) by Anna Wineheart

 ance, Review *****   This is the second book in Anna Wineheart  Ironwrought Vampire series.   I really enjoyed the first book, and this one was to me even more enjoyable.  I love the love hate relationship between Quinn a 200-year-old vampire and a young student that also hunts and kills vampires.

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Forbidden Blood (Ironwrought #1) by Anna Wineheart

  Review *****   Oriel’s blood is addictive to Vampires. The authorities want his blood to wipe out the Vampires. Poor Oriel is on the run from both. And hides in a garage. Only to find out that Seb the owner of the house is a Vampire. They slowly learn

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Raising Rachel by Jason Collins

      Review ****   The book starts when the two main characters meet by coincidence at a coffee shop. Kyle is a school teacher and out of practice on the dating scene. Brad is the co owner of a fitness gym, Who is in over his head looking

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The Red Sun Rises Box Set By Victoria Kinnaird

  Review *****   A fantastic series, full of action, love, humour.   I loved every page of this series.  My favorite character is Corbijn,  Erins (not boyfriend!).   Although the story is set in a modern world, you really get a feeling of the mystical world within the real

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Untouchable Beauty (The Cubi #1) by Meraki P. Lyhne

    Review *****   Great story in a interesting world and cultureI have really enjoyed both books in this series. The author has built a great world and culture, and you learn about both as the main character does. Slaves can have a pretty good life so long as

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Debt By K.C. Wells

  Review  *****   Oh Wow. The characters are so real that I thought I was there right in the centre of the Brothel (or was that a dream lol). KC Wells beautifully introduces us to Mitch and Nikko, both complicated men in a nice smooth flow. And the story

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Coveted By Jason Collins

    My review **** Coveted Is a paranormal mystery. Jason has done an excellent job of creating eerie atmosphere, foggy streets with little or no people at night. People who have the answers but won?t talk. And a Evil family with a hold on the city. All set up

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