On Hands And Knees by Sai Fox :: Review


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Title: On Hands And Knees

Author: Sai Fox

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 1 June 2019

Cover Design: Samantha Garrett

Length: 40 000 words/ 226 pages

Keywords : Thriller, BDSM, Gangs, Mob,

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Nicolai Valentino is the almost perfect heir to the Valentino Family—impeccably dressed, devilishly handsome, impossibly cold, and absolutely dedicated to a family that scorns his very existence. Born to the infamous Boss and a Japanese woman of no consequence, Nico must fight for respect in a blood-thirsty world that would be much happier to see him with a hole in his head.

Blood runs thick in the Valentino Family. To them, Nico’s little better than water.

Gabriel Delatto is Nico’s right-hand man, his childhood friend, and under the darkness of their ruby red sheets, his lover. But more than that, Gabriel holds the secret to unlocking who Nico really is—the true Nico, not the mask beginning to crack around the edges.

But there is a pleasure in that pain, he knows. There is only ever pleasure when it comes to Nico, even if it comes from the crack of a whip or on the edge of a blade.

But there’s someone lurking in the darkness, something that neither Nico nor Gabriel truly understand. But there is one thing they do know—


It isn’t afraid to bite.


This book is about Nico the heir to the Valentino Mafia family.  He is as ruthless as you’d imagine him to be when dealing with business.

Gabriel is Nico’s Childhood friend, righthand man in the business and his lover.  The story revolves around Nico’s and Gabriel’s relationship and how they have their unique way of taking care of each other.  

We follow them dealing with the messy business with brutal force, and Gabriel unique and brutal use of BDSM as a form of releasing Nico’s stress and to keep Nico’s aggression under control.  It is interesting to see how such a powerful man can surrender control to his lover and for a while have peace in his life.

The book is a gritty and authentic mafia story, where reputation means everything. And living in constant fear of being attacked they must navigate their way in life.  There is also someone out to get Nico and Gabriel will do everything he can to save his lover, including giving his life if he must.

The author did a good job of balancing out the gritty scenes and the vivid BDSM, with softer moments for Nico and Gabriel.

I really enjoyed the book and hope to read more from these boys.


 Nico was beautiful in his anger.

“I’ve tried to play nice with you. Out of respect for your father and everything he did for this Family, I did my best. I’ve given you almost half a year for you and your buddy to pay me back for that flop of a restaurant in SoHo. But I’m done playing around, now. You get three days— that’s it. My respect only goes so far, and you’ve reached the limit.”

There was a darkness in him, one that reminded Gabriel of an avenging angel, one that was so beautiful and yet impossibly terrifying.

There was something that was almost inhuman in the way Nico’s jaw clenched and his deep blue eyes burned with a fire that left nothing but ash in its wake. There was such a depth to him, such a passion, that it made Gabriel’s heart flutter in his chest.

He was…

He was absolutely exquisite. He was born to be a leader, born to take the mantle from his father. He was born in fire and would die in fire, too.

Nicolai Valentino would be an amazing Boss one day.

“Nico—you know he’s good for it. You know I’m good for it.”

“Huh,” Nico scoffed as he adjusted his cufflinks, the diamonds glittering from the overhead light. “Do I? If he were good for it then he wouldn’t be needing to send you over here, crawling on your damn knees, to try and get more.”

“Nico, listen to me. We wanna give you your money, but we hit a tough spot. You can understand that. You know how it goes. If you could give us a little more—”

Nico looked down his nose as he raised his hand.

Jerry Colombo went silent.


Author’s Bio

 Sai Fox was born and raised in New York City, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there’s an ever-present coffee cup on her desk as she writes well into the night. A chronic insomniac, some of her best ideas come to her right before heading off to bed.

Currently residing in Tokyo, Sai finds most of her time spent writing, reading, and wandering the strange and intoxicating streets that tell thousands of stories… with a cup of coffee. There is always a cup of coffee.

Sai has been writing fiction for well over a decade, enjoying the ability to push boundaries of society and sexuality through her work.

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