Title: Nasu

Author: Jet Lupin

Pages: 249


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Go to work. Come home. Repeat. Simple, uncomplicated, boring, but it was Phil's love, and he liked it that way. So what if he sometimes woke up with an ache in his chest that wouldn't go away because his ex broke up with him over cereal? He was a big boy. He moved on because he had to. But nosey friends and fate won't let him be.


One night, when he's forced to have fun, he meets Shige, who's far too enigmatic to really be interested in him. There must be some catch…


50 years have passed outside while Shige’s kept himself locked away, tired of the worlds of humans and vampires. He just wanted to be left alone to collect dust. But all that changed when he ventured out on a whim and meets Phil, setting them on an arduous path that will change them both.


This love won't be easy for either of them, rife with distrust and danger from without and within, but if they survive, they might be stronger for it.







This book is a true Vampire book, Some Paranormal books especially paranormal romance books, could pass as a general romance book.  What I mean is that if you took the paranormal elements away you would still have a story. 


With this book, it is about how Phil meets Shige (a vampire) randomly at a night club. They hit it off, but unbeknown to Phil, his meeting of Shige has put him into grave danger by another vampire, who is out to hurt Shige (Through Phil).


Shige and his group of vampire’s force Phil to move to their base for his own safety.  Slowly Phil is witnessed to strange goings on.  But Vampires are not real.  Even when one of Shige crew tries to explain, Phil does not believe them and think they are mad want to be vampires. 


It is not until Shige takes Phil to Nasu, a club where vampires meet, and he witnesses a vampire feeding from a human, that it all comes together.


I like the banter between the two main characters.  It is also refreshing that the human does not automatically accept everything that happens and even tries to escape.  The story world came across authentic.  And the pace of the book was well balanced. There is no outlandish weapons, or over use of magical powers.  This is a real down to earth Vampire novel.





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