The book starts when the two main characters meet by coincidence at a coffee shop. Kyle is a school teacher and out of practice on the dating scene. Brad is the co owner of a fitness gym, Who is in over his head looking after his 17 year old niece while her mother is in rehab. There's is an instant attraction between them. And things progress quickly.

Rachel takes a liking to Kyle and bonds with him when she finds out he has suffered at the hands of his mother too. But one mis calculation by Kyle threatens everything.

The book also deals with a Troubled teenager, who is a little off the rails, though Kyle knows that the real Rachel is still there and needs nurturing to break free from all her problems and abusive mother.

Thee underlying theme for me is that Family and parents are not always those who bring you into this world. But those who love us, Those who accept us as we are, and those who believe in us, even when we are at our darkest.

Now you may think that this book is too dark and deep. But Jason has managed to keep the story light and often funny, without marginalizing Rachel's problems.

A warm romance which is a pleasure to read.