Release Date 2018


beautiful aquaintence

They say bad luck always comes in threes. For Tristan Collins, it seems to be an ever consistent pattern. Pain and misfortune follow him everywhere he goes, and no matter what he tries to do, he can't seem to escape them. The only thing that keeps him going is his resilience; hitting rock-bottom and picking himself back up is the one thing he's always been able to do. Until his mother's bone cancer resurfaces and forces her to reveal a dark, hidden secret. 
Tristan's soul doesn't belong to him. 
It belongs to a demon. 
After the death of his mother, Tristan is then thrown into the hands of his abusive uncle. In order to keep a roof over his head, he endures the misery of his situation until he can land a job and eventually move out. But living with his uncle soon becomes unbearable, and Tristan is thrown out onto the streets, cold and hungry. 
One dark night, an alluring stranger named Ambrose crosses Tristan's path. Much to his horror, Ambrose turns out to be the very demon hunting his soul, and he's come to collect it. 
Pleading fruitlessly for survival, Tristan convinces the demon to spare his life...for a while. Instead of devouring him on the spot, Ambrose gives Tristan two options: be eaten here, or play a dark game of catch and release until Ambrose tires of the chase. 
Will Tristan accept the deal, or will he succumb to his inevitable end by the hands of Ambrose, his demon master?